College Student Night Out

I realize that we’re getting really down to the wire but I haven’t seen anything about this since it was mentioned in another thread. For the past two years, we’ve had a rather informal gathering of college students that are involved in FIRST. In the past, we went to Pleasure Island on one of the nights of the competition. Now, I enjoyed this and I think others did too. We obviously can’t go to Pleasure Island and I have next to no knowledge of Houston.

So, despite that, I’d like to propose that we have another college student get together. Given we don’t really have a club to go to (as of yet), I’d suggest we all go out to dinner. From there we can easily figure out more ways to get ourselves into trouble (er, have a good time). The only thing I have at the moment to suggest is that it take place around 8:00 PM on Thursday. Now, my real question is anyone actually interested in doing this? If so, drop a line in this thread in the near future.

We’ve had fairly good turnout the past couple years (there were about 15 of us last year) and I hope it continues. If I get enough interest, I’ll have further information at the Web Hug. If we’re going to do it, we can meet in the same place as the web hug (astrodome exit facing reliant center) and look for me. So is anyone interested?


I am pretty interested… We can talk this over when we see each other at the Web hug. Other than that, I have no idea what we can do and where we can go.

*Originally posted by Matt Leese *
**Given we don’t really have a club to go to (as of yet), I’d suggest we all go out to dinner. **

If you want I can tell you some reccomendations to go in Houston for either clubs to go to or places to eat. Just tell me where you guys are all coming from and where you guys want to meet and and i will be able to tell you the cloest Clubs and Places to eat.

Tell you guys right now, most of the clubs are on Richmond Avenue, wich is in West Houston near the galleria area, and in downtown Houston which is right in the center of Houston, north and east of the Relaint Complex.

Good places to eat are every where in Houston.

If you have any questions just ask.

We’ll be at the Reliant Center so any recommendations from that area for either dinner and/or clubs will be appreciated. I’d only point out that they have to 18 and over clubs and not 21 and over clubs (some of us aren’t 21 yet). Thanks for the help though as I was going to have to guess as where to do stuff. :slight_smile:


I know I can speak for most of the other mentors and advisors on Team 857 in saying that we be there, just let us know. Swing by our pits and let us know whats up.

  • Mark

The Clarkson-Crew from 229 will probably be in.
Let me know at the webhug.

Thanks for organizing this!


I’m game… lemme know at the 'hug.

For a bigger turn out I suggest Friday night, since some of the college students might not fly in till late Thursday night or Friday morning.

We had this discussion last year. Basically, it boils down to the fact that Thursday is a bit of a down day for the competition. That’s why we pick Thursday. It’s rather arbitrary but I like Thursday so there. :slight_smile:


I see your point Matt, but (assuming) that most of the college students attending the get together are going to be spectators and not mentors the adrenaline and the up tempo that Friday will bring should be handled well. Plus I think that a bigger student turn out would be nice.

Hey Matt,

Remember last year… hehehehehe!!!

Let me know what the scoop is at the webhug on thursday!!

I’ll try and make it to where ever you and others decide to hold it but my team is staying 15 minutes away from the venue and the transportation may not be as easy as (nearly) 24-7 disney shuttles that we had last year.

Whatever the case, let me know…

In my experience, most of the college students attending are either mentors or volunteers so they should be there by Thursday night. At this point, I’m being arbitrary and not confusing anyone by saying it’s Thursday. We can talk about changing the date next year but at this point it’s too late (particularly since most people are traveling tomorrow).


Where and when are we meeting? :smiley:

8:00 PM, Thursday
Same location as where the web hug will be.

Attend the web hug for more information (namely because I don’t have any at the moment and will hopefully be able to flesh it out once I’m on the ground in Houston; or something like that).


Well first of all I agree with Sabina Friday would be a better day. Last year as a college student i came in on thursday night. Same thing this year. Me and Sabina are getting in on thursday night. Actually most college kids on our team are mainly going as spectators. Most kids goto a school in a differnt part of Texas than from where are team is from. I know that a bunch of them are coming in on thrusday and will be there on Friday. Alot of your spectators are going to go coming to watch the competiton part of the competition.

Since I wont be able to be there on Thursday, I will tell you my advice for where to go. Oh BTW if you decide to meet at Relaint Park you may have to either break in, or pay for parking. If they still have stuff going on then. Then you are going to have to pay for parkign to get in. If they dont, since the whole place is gated you may have to find another place. I reccomend a the hotel that most of you guys are staying at.

For a club that I know that is 18 or up is the Hurricane Hut.
Here is the Houston Chronicle’s Review. In the artcle there is a link to their personal website. It is in east Houston arround the galleria area on richmond Avenue. This place can get wild. So check yourself first and see if you can handle it.

For a place to eat. If you want something close to Relaint Arena, goto Joe’s Crabshack. It is on the other side of the freeway from Relaint Arena. If you want to drive alittle further, then I would reccomend going to one of the places on Richmond Avenue. Near the Hurricane Hut. Westhimer or Post Oak
just drive around on these streets, they are all in the same area. If something intrests you then go.

If you want to find somethign out now. Check these places on this website. They have ratings, and numbers and addressses.

I’m going to be in Six Flags on Friday, so lets try to make it thursday.


this is the first time in 6 years that i’m not goin to the championship. =-\

remembers last year at the Pleasure Island comedy club fondly

you guys have fun!

ok… now i know this is REALLY late to post this, but for the college kids who aren’t gonna be there thursday night (like me), maybe you’ll catch it

this will be my first year doing college night (yea, i’m a frosh) and i regret being on the plane while it happens

i really want to meet up with people friday or saturday, i know many people are going to six flags, but that doesn’t mean that the night has to stop then

we should all meet up to go eat, clubbing or something later at night

so… if your interested, and for some rediculous reason miss me walking around the pits (i’m gonna be wearing the same thing as i am in my picture), call me at leave a message at 857 222 7926



p.s. my flight gets in at 10:30pm thursday, if college night goes on that long… where are you guys gonna be?