College Students and returning


I haven’t participated in FIRST since 2004, my junior year in HS, but I recently found out about a team near me that I could participate in.

What is it like returning for a relative-oldy? What kind of stuff has changed since 2004? How hard is it to not be directly working on stuff? For any of you who have gone on to work with teams after HS, how does the experience compare?


I assume you are now a college student?

there has been a thread running for about 6 months now on the pros and cons of college students being FIRST mentors (from the college student’s perspective):

Thanks for pointing me towards that thread. It has been an interesting read.

But my questions were much-more pointed towards those who have decided to participate again, not as to the pros and (cons)* of returning. So if anyone has any thoughts about them, I’d appreciate the insights.

*: couldn’t resist, sorry

I spent 2 year on a team in high school my senior year being 2004. Then took the 2005 season off before return to FIRST in 2006. Coming back after time off isn’t really that bad because of the game changing every year.

Your question about how hard it is not to be the one actually building (directly working on stuff). I think this is a great question. It is a different kind of experience. It is hard in some ways to watch the students make mistakes when you could do it right the first time but that is part of the learning process, for both of you. Also you really still are the one directly working on stuff it is just in a different part of the process it might be more on the design end of the process. I am not sure how the team runs that you are looking at joining but my team being a rookie last year the advisors did a lot of hands on teaching, i.e. i will show you this one the you do the next ten.

This may also help you!