College Team Help!!!!

Posted by Leon Machado IV at 05/25/2001 9:33 PM EST

Other on team #88, TJ², from Bridgewater State College and DePuy, Codman, & DePuy Acromed, a J&J Company.

Hi. I’m an alumni of TJ² and a previous team captain of the team. We are currently working on starting a team at the local college with a couple small changes. The college team is not going to work with the high school directly. Maybe go over to learn what FIRST is about, but that will be about it. We’re trying to create an organization that will go back to their communities and start FIRST robotics and FLL teams. In addition, we’re thinking about starting a summer competition at the college and try to invite as many people as will come. There is another program that is held at the college called P.C.C. Our team leader (Mrs. “Love those 'bots” Calef) teaches a robotics class at P.C.C. that makes use of the lego league parts and pieces. We’re looking for advice, people, and help on what would be the best way to go start this. Anything help or advice would be well appreciated. Also comments are welcome. Please email me at [email protected]. Thanks

Leon O. Machado IV
Alumni of TJ²
Hopefully upcoming President of Project FIRST @ BSC