Colleges for Engineering & Skiing

Here’s a question for you alumni out there: How hard is it to balance an engineering course load and compete on a college alpine ski team?

I am asking for a friend whose son competes (well) in NASTAR, hopes to get a skiing scholarship (yeah, I know he’d probably have a better chance with FIRST) and wants to study engineering.

Do “skiing colleges” like U of Vermont let you adjust your schedule for skiing?
Does your college/university have a ski team?
And finally, for my daughter (a sophomore on team 103) who will be studying engineering and loves to ski too, what are the best engineering schools with good skiing nearby. I know about RPI, but how other schools?


I was visiting Colorado University in Boulder, and I thought their engineering school was pretty good. The go on ski trips every weekend too.

Definitely on my list of possible colleges :wink:

I didn’t realize that colleges even had ski teams… but then again, it’s Indiana. I didn’t even know what euchre was when I went away.

I would suggest making sure your friend can adjust to his courseload before taking all of this on. Engineering is challenging and skiiing takes up a lot of time… so see if he can handle this first. :slight_smile: