Collegita Aerial Robotics Demonstration

Does anyone have more information on this?

It seems to have been started as a FIRST program, spun off, and then failed…

EDIT: And sorry for the typo in the title…

From what I remember, it wasn’t an actual FIRST program, more of a beta test for a college program that was trying to get FIRST to buy into it. They had a demo set up in 2011 that I checked out, with a bunch of teams there and a large netted field… but for some reason FIRST never picked it up.

Shame, but I can sort-of understand why. With their massive expansion, diverting funds to a “Demonstration” may not have been in their best interest. Plus, if FIRST is “For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology” to try and get kids involved in STEM, a college-level event may defeat the purpose somewhat.

On the other hand, a FIRST event by college students to inspire them on TV as a televised event may be a potential use.