Color Assignment

Hello, our team has a question.
The rulebook says that color will be relayed to the operator console, does anyone know how? Do we get to see the color assignment, or does everything have to be code? I’m aware you need to input code to get the color, but where does it actually show up on the driver station?


The color information will appear in the Game Data box on the driver station in the same place where you can test the game data at home. There is a picture linked here:

That info can also be sent to the robot and driver station software like shuffleboard.

It works similarly in Labview and almost exactly the same in Python. It is the same way the control panel color is sent.

Awesome, just wanted to confirm we get to physically see the color assignment in the event we dont use a sensor to auto-spin to the color! Thank you so much!


I should add that it is probably a bad idea to use this box. It is quite small and might be hard to read in the heat of competition.


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