Color Mark Sensors


So we are trying to utilize a pair of Allen-Bradley Color Mark Sensors for autonomous. I am simply having trouble coding such a thing. I am sure I could figure it out once I got started but a little push in the right direction would be pretty cool right about now. If any one could help with simply declaring the sensors, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!

brown = 12V+
blue = 12V-
black = DIO signal pin on roboRIO (plugged into port 0 for this example)
white = not needed

Use the DigitalInput class to get the status. Java subsystem below:

public class ExampleSubsystem extends Subsystem {
	private DigitalInput sensor;
	public ExampleSubsystem() {
		sensor = new DigitalInput(0);

	public void initDefaultCommand() {
	public boolean isSwitched() {
		return sensor.get();

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