Color order?

Is it just me, or do figures 3-22 and 3-23 conflict?

They both show a color order of Red-Yellow-Blue-Green, going clockwise, whether viewed from top or bottom. Shouldn’t one of those be reversed?

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The direction counted as “clockwise” when viewed from the top is equivilent to the direction labeled “counterclockwise” as viewed from the bottom.

I don’t have the manual on-hand, but the color order should be reversed between the two diagrams.

Just checked the manual, and this does appear to be an inconsistency.

Sounds like another one for the Q&A…

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There is a discrepancy between the two diagrams however the manual says (emphasis mine):

The CONTROL PANEL is divided into 8 equal size wedges. Wedges are red, green, blue, and yellow
(see Table 3-3 for CMYK values) and visible from above and below the CONTROL PANEL. Colors are arranged as shown in Figure 3-23 and line up top and bottom.

So if you view it from the top, it should go Red-Green-Blue-Yellow.


The official field drawings show this as well.

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