Color Sensor Issues

I was testing our teams color sensor’s values before adding it to our code and all the colors work except for blue. It prints out the same value for blue and green whenever it is on blue. We tried enclosing the color sensors and adjusting the distance yet we still had the same problem. Did anybody else encounter a similar issue? What should I try for trouble shooting?

We had an issue with red. Are you getting the confidence level?

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Take a look at the discussion here and see if your experimental results match Anyone seeing odd results from Rev ColorSensorV3?.

TLDR; This is why we use a combination of all three channels plus a calibration in our examples to detect which color the sensor is on.

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We got very good color matching after updating the color match values with our measured values. The only thing we noticed was that as we shifted color of the target from blue to red (I think), we got a brief pulse of yellow as the matched color. We were just sliding the color sample past the sensor by hand.

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