Color Sensor Programming

I’m using the rev color sensor v3 this year and am struggling with it a tad. I’ve noticed in the video, REV was able to display the color in the smart dashboard. My sensor doesn’t even seem to be able to detect the colors. It displays a small decimal instead of numbers. As for it telling me what color it is, would I use color match?

public class WheelOfPain extends SubsystemBase {
  private final VictorSPX m_wheelOfFortune;

  private final I2C.Port sensorPort;

  private final ColorSensorV3 colorSensor;
  private final Color currentColor;
  private final int rawIr;

  public WheelOfPain() {
    sensorPort = I2C.Port.kOnboard;
    colorSensor = new ColorSensorV3(sensorPort);

    currentColor = colorSensor.getColor();  
    rawIr = colorSensor.getIR();

    m_wheelOfFortune = new VictorSPX(Constants.WHEEL_MOTOR);

  public void periodic() {
    SmartDashboard.putNumber("IR", rawIr);

I would start with the sample code on their GitHub.

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I’ve attempted that, still returns the same values. Could it be my sensor? Maybe initiating the color in periodic will fix it so that way it polls every loop.

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What values is it returning compared to what values you expect it to be returning?

Have you tried the color match example? Does it detect the colors as you expect?

I fixed it by instantiating the color in the periodic method. Didn’t realize I had initialized it in the constructor.

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