Color Sensor reading Green and Yellow out of order

Our Rev Color Sensor from the KoP is reading green when in transition between blue and yellow, and is reading yellow in transition between green and red. Which makes since with RGB values. Did anyone else have this problem after calibrating the sample code? If so, how did you fix the problem?

While I cannot say for certain the values we registered in our code. The way we are going through our decision of what color we are on is based on secondary logic that articulates the location of knowing the order the colors are in from the wheel.
I’m short, don’t only rely on the color you read immediately. The simple solution could be to create a dead zone or buffer between reading, or build the logic off more than simple “what color am I on at the moment”. More robust logic will utilize all the information you can give the system. Take the knowledge of the fixed color sequence to your advantage.

Ours wasn’t consistently accurate until our programmer’s wrote a calibration routine.
Whenever the WOF is moved within a room, or to another room, they just run the calibration routine again. After calibration, we get nice consistent color results.

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Our Rookie team is struggleing with a calibration routine for the sensor. Can you help by posting some pseudo code?

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