Color Sensor Usage

For the wheel of fortune would you recommend using the color sensor given in the KoP by REV Robotics or different one? If so, which one?

Can you give a link to “KoP by REV”? What is this?

A color sensor was given in this year’s kit of parts (KoP) by the company REV Robotics

this is a list for the KoP, color sensor is the second item on page 12

this is the item on the company’s site

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The Rev color sensor v3 seems like an excellent option to use for this. The Capital RI3D team has been using this color sensor for the wheel of fortune and they have reported very positive results while using it. It may be the best option also because of ease of use. Rev made a library for it specifically for FRC and it seems to work very well.


Thanks! _JM

As of right now, the link to the Java API appears to be busted. C++ link appears to be fine.

Also, does anyone know how I could download (for offline consumption) the API docs?

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