Color Sensor V3 Measurement Rate, Resolution, and Gain Factor not importing

When I try to import ColorSensorMeasurementRate, ColorSensorResolution, and GainFactor for ConfigureColorSensor, it marks the imports as an error that says “The type com.revrobotics.ColorSensorV3.ColorSensorResolution is not visible”. Does anyone know why this could be happening?

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have you installed the correct vendor libraries? if you click the w logo in the top cornor and type manage vendor libraries then click install libraries online and use this link it should work and will work offline if you build the code.

Yes, I have REVColorSensorV3 version 1.0.1 installed.

Does it compile correctly? If so, it’s just an intellisense issue.

No, when I attempt a build over wifi it fails and I get this error in a few areas:

C:\Users\dinom\OneDrive\Documents\RobotCode\2020RobotCode\src\main\java\frc\robot\subsystems\ error: ColorSensorMeasurementRate is not public in ColorSensorV3; cannot be accessed from outside package
import com.revrobotics.ColorSensorV3.ColorSensorMeasurementRate;

There’s your problem

it is not in the importable classes. the possible imports can be found here

It’s been fixed, but doesn’t appear that Rev has done a release since it’s been fixed.

Anyone know when to expect a release or should we try to contact rev?

Paging @Will_Toth for that answer

+1 on this…it looks like there are several fixes in master that would be really helpful for teams to have access to. @Will_Toth or anyone else at Rev, can we expect a 1.0.2 soon? Week Zero is around the corner and Week 1 just 18 days away…

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