(Color Sensor VS Camera VS Remote) For Auton?

Since I do not think teams want to spend $400 dollars on autonomous (Cameras), I am thinking that there is a solution by buying a digital color sensor to detect RG and B. I am thinking that if you even buy the sensor at 20-30 its cheaper and lets you do more than the camera since you only need the sensor for auton (if you decide to do auton). Based on this, I am looking for digital color sensors. I am looking on digikey and allied for some and if you have any you suggest, please post. Now the question to debate:

What do you think though on the idea of using (a color sensor vs a camera)with or without remote assistance vs PURE remote controlled auton)…

Though I understand that it would be cool to detect the balls of different colors, why would you need to? Isn’t the RoboCoach’s purpose to set up this ‘supervisory task’ --ie tell the robot to go after your ball (which say you tell it is in position 1, 2, or 3 on your side of the ladder.

yes, but you could go for style points… :cool:

The point is Fully auton, vs Semi-Auton, vs NO auton…

Fully - Sensors
Semi - Robot goes but “fine tunes” with remote
NO - Completely useing 4 buttons to direct robot…

Could you post a link to your “allied” store? I haven’t found anything similer to DigiKey in all of my searches for electronic component stores that sell small quantities. Thanks


Allied Electronics, also check out Mouser.

Edit: beaten to it!

I started looking on there, but couldn’t really find any that aren’t over $400 and have the range. The ones I stubmled upon when looking had a range of about 60mm, which is not close to being enough.

thanks for the idea…lol…it is a good one tho, what if your under the wrong ball on accident…you dont want your bot to hit the wrong ball…

becuase i think that he wants to track the ball on the floor and have the robot auto herd the ball across


All Electronics is pretty neat too. Not sure if they have what your looking for, but it doesent hurt to check.

I believe the OP might be considering using colored cards, of some sort, as commands during the hybrid period. The robot would see the colors and react. With four colors a robot could interpret each as a distinct command.

I’ve seen nothing in the rules that would prohibit this, assuming that the components needed adhere to all the rules regarding custom electronics. And exactly how the robocoach displays the colors is something to consider. I believe there were some restrictions on the size of whatever tool(s) the coach uses to communicate with the 'bot. I think the wording of the rules may even limit you to a single device, although I would like to confirm that with a specific rule before anyone takes that as correct.

I’ll look into it more later, but I think that it’s a wholly reasonable way to communicate with the robot, assuming it’s technically feasible. I suppose it could also come with the side benefit of being able to differentiate between the balls.

-Andy A.