Color sensor

It is a little late in the day but we are making good progress with our robot so I’m thinking we should add the “wheel of fortune” to our robot. I have seen a bunch of posts about the colour sensor so I’ll ask here - when I build the arm to rotate out and spin the wheel from the side what is the best method of attaching the colour sensor so it works. I see that it needs to be close to the colour wheel in order to read . I would appreciate any input anyone cares to share on this subject.

Thanks everyone

Just to clarify I’m looking for arm design ideas that allow the colour sensor to operate properly. I’m asking the group because time is running out and we need to get to this quickly. This is my first year doing this so everything is a little bit more difficult than most of you would imagine.

Thanks again

This entirely depends on your robot, but something like snowproblem’s manipulator if you have pneumatics, just put a piece of plastic on top and mount the color sensor to that.

This entirely depends on the space available of course, but it is an option.

We are using a 775 with vex gear box to spin the Control Panel from the top. We have the color sensor attached to the gear box and when the wheel touches the Control Panel the color sensor is very close to the Panel. To flip the arm into position we are using another 775 with rubber stops and limit switches.

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