Color sensors

Is anyone using color sensors? Specifically, we were looking for information on the QS18VP6D which has 4 pins, 2 of which are for power, 2 for sensing color.

I believe they are mandatory due to R66 in Section 8.

R66 refers to the color LED Flasher not to color sensors.

What are you looking for? You can google the sensor and get the information.

The range is 450mm - 17.8 inches

FYI - these are “trainable” sensors. You train them to the color you want.

See the wiring diagram in the .pdf sheet? Basically when it sees the color you’ve trained it to, it outputs 10-30V off one pin. When it doesn’t, it outputs 10-30V off another (the pin shown normally closed in the wiring diagram). Be aware this sensor is for at least a 10V system. You’d be advised to do a step-up circuit for the backup batter to get it to 12V because your robot battery will likely dip below 10 during high-draw periods.