Colorado Off Season Event: BIG NEWS!!


I’ve been waiting to post on CD regarding the possibility of a first-ever Colorado off-season event until things were more clear. This last week a LOT has fallen into place, so it’s time to make the announcement and begin to invite y’all to join us.

WHAT: Energy Day Colorado, along with Team 1339, Team 1619, and Team 2996, are hosting the second annual Elevate Your Game conference, combined with Power Up the Rockies, an exhibition-style competition based on the 2018 FRC game Power Up! These will be held on the same day, and will be the main attraction at the Energy Day Colorado festival.

WHEN: September 21-22. Setup and pit load in will be between 4-8 pm on the 21st. Pits will open at 7:00 AM on the 22nd, with practice rounds being brief, from 8:00-9:00. Competition rounds will go from 9:30-2:30, eliminations from 3:00-4:30, prizes at 5:00.

WHERE: East High School, 1600 City Park Esplanade, Denver, CO, 80206. Weather permitting, we will set up pits, practice field and competition field on the esplanade in front of the school. If there is ANY indication of bad weather, the event will be inside the school, with one gym for a pit/practice area, and the other for the competition field. All Elevate Your Game talks will be in classrooms inside the school.

PRIZES Ikea has offered to provide one deserving team with a “Robotics Lab Makeover”, which if I understand correctly means cabinets, work tables, seating, and a new pit design. This is a BIG DEAL worth thousands of dollars, and I need to find out more about how they intend to choose the deserving team. I expect I will be giving y’all an application within the next week or so.

Energy Day has also offered a cash prize to the winning alliance of at least $1000. I’m going to see if they will up the prize to $1500 to split.

COST: None. The event is being paid for by Energy Day and their sponsors, including power generation to the pits.

SPONSORS AND PROMOTION: There will be a number of large and prominent companies attending the event, some of whom have already expressed serious interest in sponsoring teams. This may be your best chance this year to procure new and substantial sponsorship for your team! In addition, CBS will be in attendance and will be filming the event. It is my understanding that this is the NATIONAL affiliate and not the local channel, but don’t hold me to that. I do know they are planning on creating a lot of footage of the event, which y’all can use in your own videos for Chairman’s or whatever.

SIGN UP: I’m attaching a Google form that you can use to sign up officially, or to ask me questions. I realize this isn’t a lot of notice, but things have moved rapidly on this recently. I’m very excited to see how this turns out! We’d love to have teams from all over the state and region attend and have some fun with us.

Here’s the sign up doc:


4944 Will be there!!


That is some awesome news. Hopefully, a couple KC area teams can return the favor of all the times Colorado teams have been to Cowtown. I’ll run it past the higher up (the kids) but I don’t know if we’d be able to.

Also, the form wasn’t working quite right, saying that it wasn’t public yet.


I fixed the form, y’all should be able to reply now. Thanks for the heads up!


Here is a quick update for teams interested in Elevate Your Game/Power Up the Rockies.

Ikea came on board late, and so their sponsorship of the game has been downgraded to just having several hundred dollars in gift cards to give to teams. They want to be more involved next year (assuming we keep doing this), and I suggested to them that they provide a “pit makeover” for the winning team in 2019, with a new set of rolling cabinets/storage/frame/lighting/flooring for the winning team. They seem into that idea!

Please spread the word to other teams in the region if you are in touch with folks. I am sending out confirmations today to teams that have applied. We will have full power to pits for up to thirty teams (though I don’t expect that many to show).

Prize money in the amount of $1500 will be provided for the winning alliance to split, courtesy of the Colorado Energy Alliance. Again, this event is FREE for your teams!

I will know this Thursday if we will have a motel/hotel sponsor, allowing out of region teams to stay for a lower price. This was requested at our last meeting this past Thursday, and it sounded like it might happen.


Any new updates?


More updates! The event is coming up in a week!!


The Platinum Sponsors of the event have donated $750 per team for the winning alliance as a CASH PRIZE. The teams will each receive one of those large display checks along with their cash and a trophy. So, $2250 for the winning alliance. WOW!!!

$100 cash card for the team in first place at the end of qualification rounds

$100 cash card STEM Award, team that best exemplifies STEM education

$100 cash card Judges’ Award, platinum sponsors will select their favorite team




Because this is our first attempt at an off season event, this is going to be more of a scrimmage than a competition in terms of scoring. We are using an unofficial field, courtesy of Team 2996, and a simplified LMS. The game itself will be simplified somewhat over official FRC Power Up!

Scorekeeping will be done by Team 1339 students and mentors. We will do our best but expect iffy results if scores are extremely close.

Boost and Force will not be time based, but instead will offer 5, 10 or 15 bonus points for each, for a maximum of up to 30 bonus points per alliance.

Levitate will be automatically granted.

Other changes may be made as necessary or as recommended to make sure that fun and fair play are had by all.




So far about 20 teams have signed up, though several more have expressed interest. I will put together an official schedule this week, and teams will be given their alliance listings and field times on Friday night or Saturday morning, depending on when they arrive.




One of the best things about this event is that there will be dozens of major and minor companies in attendance who would like to talk with your team about supporting you. I have never seen anything quite this synergistic, where people with money, who want to support STEM education, get to hang out with kids and teams who would love to partner with them for a whole day. Please, come to this event, and bring any materials that you would like to share with companies like Noble Energy, Xcel Energy, etc. I don’t know all the sponsors of the event (that’s outside my purview), but I’ve interacted with several already and have heard their interest. Even if you can’t come with a working robot to compete, you might want to come to talk to potential sponsors.




There will literally be thousands of people from across the front range coming to watch your robot on the field, and to talk to you at your pit. A great chance to show kids and parents what FRC robotics is all about!




We have changed our minds, and will be charging teams $10,000 each to participate in the event. Cash is accepted.

Just kidding. It’s FREE


Team 4293 is looking forward to the event!


How will scale/switch assignment work? In Power Up, the scale and switches were randomly assigned and broadcast via FMS at the beginning of the match.


Switch and scale assignment will be fixed, rather than random, due to the nature of the FMS that we are running.


Here it comes! Hoping to see many of you tomorrow at the event. In anticipation of Energy Day my team was invited to appear on Fox31 News this morning. Here is a link to the story. Nice job kids!


I want to thank all the teams that came out for the event yesterday. It was really fun, very successful beyond what I hoped. I’d especially like to thank the entire crew at 2996 for bringing their field. Thanks so to Clint Ott of 1619 for the Elevate talks.

Im pretty tired now, but I look forward to getting feedback from everyone who participated. I think we should plan on this becoming an annual event, and I want to make it better next year.


Thanks to 1339 for hosting the event!


Thank you 1339 for organizing and hosting an amazing event! We met some great companies and spent time with friends! And what an amazing day to host a scrimmage outside, not even a single cloud (and with it being almost 90 degrees I was looking for some :slight_smile: )

Thank you 2996 for supplying the field!

Thanks to Clint from 1619 for the Elevate talk…great information and always good to hear how other teams approach strategy and robot designs.

The Highlanders look forward for next year!


Alliance Selection

  1. 1619 4499 4293 W
  2. 4388 1339 3374
  3. 4944 2996 2240 F
  4. 3649 1410 4550

No declines

Again, thanks Energy Day Colorado and teams 1339, 1619, and 2996 for making this possible!