Colorado Regional 2016

Who is ready for the 2016 Colorado Regional? Team 1592 is excited to be revisiting this amazing event for the first time in 6 years(its a long trip from Florida haha). We have made plenty of little changes to our robot. Stop by our pit and we will show them off. Any new local food places that are must have? We are ready for another great time and hopefully a little snow! See you soon.

I know that I am extremely looking forward to the Colorado Regional. I’ll be the guy in the dark dark blue shirt running around the field making sure teams are getting connected (along with my trusty assistant), but mostly will be in awe of what you guys have done. I so wish this was around when I was in high school. Say Hi!

::rtm:: Teams, please make sure that you have read, understand, and follow the Bumper Rules in Section 4.7 of the Game Manual. This is easily the biggest impediment to passing inspection and getting on the field this year.

As for on-field, PLEASE double and triple check your electrical wiring, particularly the power to both the Radio and the roboRIO. Even go so far as to have someone that hasn’t done any wiring on the robot check the connections (the 2nd set of eyes if you will). Check that the red/yellow fuses are pushed in the PDB. If you are pushing and your finger isn’t hurting, you aren’t pushing hard enough. I have spent a LOT of time explaining to teams why their robot isn’t moving on the field as the radio and/or roboRIO are rebooting. ::ouch::

I would love to spend the 4 days talking to teams more in a, “Hey, What’s Up! Having fun?” kind of way rather than a, “This is why your robot isn’t moving on the field,” kind of way. Help me out with that! :smiley:

Also looking for a good place to eat near the venue, when I get a chance…maybe some teams to chat with while doing so. Any ideas?

Depends on what kind of food you like.

1339 got the results back from Arizona and has done some tuning and I’m going to be honest I can’t believe how hyped I am for this event.

Without a single team attending Colorado who made it past the Quarterfinals of any tournament so far (beside 1410 who got to the AZ North Semi’s as a 2nd pick), it will all come down to fine tuning. I don’t think we are going to have anything like 1619 and 1730’s sweep last year; it should be really exciting. 4418 is really thrilled for its first shot at Stronghold.

Team 2996 is also incredibly excited to participate in Colorado. After Arizona, I think many teams will have some changes in store. I am also excited to show off the huge changes we have made to our bot.

As for food, there is a really good Greek place just down the street, as well as the original Chipotle just a couple blocks away. It’s always a great regional with a lot of awesome teams!

As the only team representing Kansas, 1108 Panther Robotics will be pleased to mix-it-up with teams from Florida, Mexico, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, California…did I miss anyone? Oh yeah…Colorado.

We’ve made some changes since Greater Kansas City and hope to play a pretty competitive game!

Everyone going into Denver, please travel safe with the Blizzard Warning that is in effect tomorrow from 4am-6pm MDT. Here’s hoping it isn’t too bad and my flight from Phoenix to Denver isn’t affected too much.

Does anyone know if the blizzard will affect load-in tonight?

Your main and alternate team contacts should have already received an email from the Regional Director this morning around 8 AM. Have these contacts make sure they are checking email throughout the day as I expect there will be updates.


I am recommending that teams not try to do load in while the storm is this bad. My team is waiting until the morning at this point. Please realize that ALL teams are effected by the weather, and you won’t lose any advantage to other teams due to late starts and slow drives. Be safe! Some teams (Denver Public Schools, for instance) can’t even get to their robots today, and it’s even possible that the schools will be closed tomorrow as well.

Post your team’s robot picture on TBA.

These photos are synced to the TBA app and will be a good resource for scouting.

Eh I’m down to share info right now if people ask

Any webcast?

As of right now I’m holding my breath in regards to the regional itself.

Tomorrow looks infinitely better though.

I’m more worried about the teams that flew out today

Hey Everyone, our flight was cancelled today and the earliest we can get in there is late in the day tomorrow (let’s hope no further delays/cancellations). We sure are going to miss that crucial Thursday inspection/practice time, but hopefully we can get up and running quickly once we arrive.

I know we aren’t the only ones held up by the storm. How’s everyone’s travel situation?

Storm or not, Denver is still an awesome regional and I’m sure we’ll make the most of it. Look forward to seeing you all there sooner or later.

Hi there…team 4499 has you covered… What can we do to help? Since we already have lunch planned we will come up with plan b for your team… Is there anything we can do to help with your robot? Did you ship it? My internet/email is down so until they fix it communicating with me on cd is probably best. Do you have my cell phone number?

CRUSH 1011 had our flight canceled. We are now making the drive up to Denver since we could not book a flight to Denver until Tuesday (yeah, really).

I know 1108 is held up at the border on the east side, too.