Colorado Regional...Robots on Ice

I would like to congratulate the winners of the first FIRST Colorado Regional
Teams 662, 982, and 938 you guys did Fantastic in the finals!!!

Thank you to our alliance team 68 and team 878…you guys did GREAT!!! And thank you for being such good sports

Congratulations to all of the Regional Award winners

Chairmans-79 (I love your Edubot!!!)
Engineering Inspieration-159
Woodie Flowers- Rick Pierce
Highest Rookie Seed- 1324
Team Spirit- 79
Driving Tomorrows Technology- 938
GM Industrial Design-79
Sportsmanship- 1158
Entrepreneurship- 60
Motorola Quality- 60
Xerox Creativity-878
Imagery- 64
Leadership in Control-68
Website Design- 1190
AutoDesk Visualization- 1478
Rookie Inspiration- 1410
Rookie All Star- 1395
Judges Award Friday- 1332
Judges Award Saturday-831
Outstanding Volunteer-Dick Pankoski

Team 942-- I really hope you guys can use some of our marketing stratigies in your town of 750! I wish y’all the best of luck!

Thank you to all teams! This regional was fantastic there were some awesome rookies and I hope to see everyone back next year!

Thanks for the congrats, you guys have a great team and an unbelievable robot. I just wish the last match had ended a little differently (as long as we still won that is).

Thank you team 60 for the thrill of a lifetime. You have no idea what it feels like to look across the field and see team 60 and 68 pointed at you. The Thundering Bulldog. All I could think was I hope this is quick and painless and it doesn’t take too long to pick up all the robot pieces off the field. You guys were great sports, We hope to see you at nationals.

Congrats to everyone, awesome regionals :smiley: Exciting finals to watch, though we got dropped in the quarterfinals :stuck_out_tongue: And we’ll be seeing some of you at nationals (159 having engr. inspiration)

And oh yes, awesome job to all of the 18 rookies there!

I too, wish to congratulate the winners of the Colorado Regional - Teams 662, 982, and 938.

The Colorado Regional was Great! The Venue was “cool” (above a hockey ice rink) but that didn’t cool down the competition. There were loads of great matches - and the volunteers, in the pits, queuing, refs, everyone were FIRST class.

If you missed Colorado this year, you may what to think about attending in '05

Kat -

Sometimes in competitions, as in life, you win more off the field of play, than on.

Your team truly exudes what FIRST is all about - you are winners both on and off the field. Even not having your pit tool box until Friday could deter your team members from assisting others with their robots. From the pits to the final matches of the day your “Gracious Professionalism” throughout the competition again brings to my mind - while a team may not end up placing first in the competition, there are no “losers” in FIRST.

“You are a Team of Winners”

I salute you and look forward to seeing you again in Atlanta!

That was very nice of you to say. Thank you very much.

We definitely learned great lessons this season, first with LEGO League, then with our marketing season, and especially with our collaboration with 254. I believe that this season was the start of a great thing for 60. I’ve learned so much this year, and that’s all that matters.



You forgot the coveted “Team 60 Hang Ten Award” - 662 :smiley:
The working miniature pneumatic motor is the coolest thing that I have seen a team give out as an award.

I Can’t wait to see you guys at nationals!!


Over the past seven years we have gone both head to head and hand in hand with Team 60. The friendship our two teams have is repeated day in and day out in FIRST. That is what makes FIRST first. We always know we can count on each other. I’ll see you in Atlanta.

Ken Loyd
Team 64

I too think that the Colorado Regional was great! I can only think of two negative impressions,

a) We had planned on finding an open space to tweak our autonomous code and found out that there really wasn’t anyplace to go. The Denver University Staff made it clear that we were to stay either in the pit or on the playing field.

b) After one violent collision in practice, we decided to reinforce our front end by welding on a piece of aluminum. When we went to the shop the welder wasn’t there. Later, after the welder showed up, we were told the welding machine was broken. We just bolted the piece on and hoped for the best.

On the whole it was an great regional, just did not live up to my expectations based on past experiences at other regionals.

Congrats to that team that was able to balance a 2x multiplier on one PVC pipe :stuck_out_tongue: Our team was arguing whether it would fall in or fall out, and it ends up balancing… quite a lucky feat :D, and amusing to watch. Bet that doesn’t happen very often.

And er… congrats again.

Ok, everyone who travelled to Denver this year and thought the weather was great. Just wanted to let you know that the spring in Denver it is not always that warm. It is snowing right now and will continue through tomorrow. The high will only be 38F tomorrow. Can’t wait to get to Atlanta!