Colorado Regional

Hi! I’m the team mom for 1138 and are attending the Colorado regional coming from California. I know there is the option to pre-order lunches, but are there any other options for lunch for our team on campus, or in the arena? Any good restaurants for dinners outside the venue you suggest? Thank you!

On behalf of 3729, I would like to welcome you to the Colorado Regional! In past years, we have always walked to the many neighboring restaurants for lunch. Off the top of my head, I can remember Chipotle, Jimmy Johns, and Mustard’s Last Stand, but, as it is at a college, there are a bunch more in the area. There is also a food stand, with very expensive food, in the stadium.

We look forward to seeing you next weekend!

I am a team mom for The Highlanders, #4499…Our team went to California for our first regional, so I know the trip you are about to take and its a long one! I would suggest you pre-order something. There are places near by to walk to, but they can be crowded and slow. There is a Subway and Qdboa near by. Or, I would like to extend another option…I have a team mom who organizes our team lunches/dinners, would you like to join us in our plans? Send me your email and we can touch base. Usually, she plans things like a sandwich bar or soft tacos and we eat just outside of the arena. And, our team can get to know your team!

Debbie English
The Highlanders
[email protected]

My advice is to not eat at the concession stand because everything thing is over priced. There are plenty of options to eat nearby. If you would tell me what kind of place you are looking for I can find something that suit your needs. Also there is the team social that has pizza.

Thank you for all your replies! I appreciate it! We are looking forward to the trip! Debbie, I’ll email you. Thanks for the offer! Our team always likes getting to know other teams!

There are about 20 restaurants within a 5 minute walk, ranging from fast casual to interesting sit-down. The Friday night party is actually lots of fun, with about ±500 students showing up to dance, play games, and hang out together. There are several teams, including 2240, 1410, and my team 1339 that are within a 15 minute drive of the venue, so stop by our pit areas and we will be glad to help with anything you need, including hardware and supply runs. We can also guide you to the free parking if you will PM me.

The event center is moderately active in the “no outside food” issue. I’d recommend not trying to bring a meal in to your team, but you might get away with a small bag of snacks and drinks.

There will be a new arrangement for the pits this year, since there are so many teams coming. We will apparently have an entire gymnasium for our pit area, along with a full practice field (luxury!). It has always been a very good venue for a well-run regional, so look forward to making new friends and having a good time.

In the past, for lunch anyway, we have always had a few team members pick up previously ordered food. We then broke for lunch and ate by the main entrance to the stadium. They have definitely enforced the “no outside food” rule in the past.

Thanks for the feedback! We are flying in, so I’m sure we don’t have all the tools we usually lug with us to local competitions. Thank you 1339 for offering to help if we need it! You have no idea how much of a relief that is when we are far from home! Thanks!

You’re very welcome. Send me a PM if you get a chance with a list of tools you think you will need. If we have it, I will let you know, and we will bring it to the event for you.

Wow! Thanks! That’s so nice! They will be packing up this weekend up until Tuesday night.

Getting really close to competition time.

I believe for CO the wildcard possibilities are:

2996 (Winner, CM Utah)
3562 (EI Central Valley)
4499 (EI Inland Empire)

Team 649 is also excited to make the trip up from California and meet some new teams. We haven’t played outside of California since 2011, so this will be a new experience for us and a lot of fun.

-Mihir Iyer

I think that 4944 (Rookie All-Star Utah) also generates a wildcard.

Correct thanks!

Just wanted to note the venue and the way its physical layout out was fantastic. It reminds of Kansas City was before we moved venues this year. Colorado is now my current favorite layout for a regional that I have attended.

We agree! That event was great from having the full practice field, entire staff, judges, volunteers and all of the teams were extremely nice! Thank you for feeding us lunch everyday 4499! We really appreciate it! We plan on attending again next year. Looking forward to seeing everyone in St. Louis!

I definitely agree. There was plenty of seating, the stands were well lit, and the kids sure seemed to enjoy the dancing area near the field without blocking the view of any spectators that wanted to remain in their seats. Plus, it wasn’t too hard to find a quiet spot when necessary.

Anyone have video of elims?

3403 has video of all matches from Friday and Saturday, except one. The one we are missing is match 41, but I believe 1619 Up-A-Creek has that one recorded since they were playing in it :wink: We have been doing some major computer cleanup in anticipation of getting it all processed and posted- hopefully in the next few days.

Where would these videos be posted when they are done?