Colorado Regionals Video

Does anyone know of a place where the Colorado Regionals competition video (what was on the screen during each match (the score plus video showing the robots that are doing something to score points)) is or will be posted? They made an announcement saying that it would be posted somewhere near the middle of the third day but I couldn’t hear the announcement so I don’t know what website they said.

Does anyone know who recorded these videos? I’d love to put them on The Blue Alliance.

Looks like

I have all the avi’s recorded on drive from the source system a few of the matches were lost however i have 50 + matches look great and i dont know how many joe at Mines have finished I just finished cutting the qt finals thru winning match I and sure we can make the footage available to you to post.

B Gibbens

Cool, thank you all for the great responses. Those ones on were very helpful. Do you by chance have the rest of them and, (and this is probably a long shot and I doubt that anyone would have it) the footage from last year’s regionals? My team is team 2036, if I could get all the videos from this year and last, that would be absolutely amazing!

Has anyone else had difficulty accessing this website?
I can get to but the subdomain doesn’t seem to accessable.

-Mike AA

I didn’t download these since I hadn’t heard a response from their owner about using them on TBA. If the original source is gone, we may be in trouble :frowning:

I’d sure like to see more of the matches of the teams I know. If you get them up, please let us know. Thanks.

He transferred about 700G of footage Wednesday night, so he still needs to render them and then load them on, it take awhile to do and he’s been busy this week because of his senior design project…the Colorado School of Mines Senior Design trade show was this week.(they got second place, yay!!:smiley: ).

I’m pretty confident he wouldn’t mind you downloading and then loading them to TBA because e-mailing Joe honestly is quite frustrating(as a peer, as a student, as a girlfriend, as whatever) because unless he flags your e-mail address, the likelyhood of him reading it will take awhile(a long while) or he read it but just hasn’t replied yet and then forgot that he was going to reply to it(which I think he does often quite personally) or it’ll be deleted with rest of the “spam”(trust me)…I’ll ask him to see what’s up with the site currently and see if he can get the rest of the site and rest of the videos up as soon as possible. is back up. :slight_smile: including final matches, awards, and etc.

Does anyone know the mapping between “Finals match 16” and “qf1m2” already? I can figure it out, but if someone else has done it I will just borrow their effort :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks for putting that back up with the rest of the matches. I know this is a long shot but do you by any chance have a copy of all of last years? If you do, I’d really appriciate it if you could give me a copy of the ones that my team (2036) was in:




Quarters 2 Match 1
Quarters 2 Match 2
Quarters 2 Match 3

If anyone has all or any of those, that would be amazing but if no one does, I understand.

Well I know we don’t because this is the first year the CSM Robotics Club volunteered to record every match because our club president got asked if he could make it happen to have the regional webcasted, recorded and etc. Next year will be better though…ummm as for last year, I think 1515-Mortorq recorded some of the regional’s video but I don’t know if they got everything…I know for sure they got the matches they were in of course.

Do you by any chance have match 62? I really appriciate all of this and it has really helped and now I have a compete set except for 62, is there any chance that you might have that one? Thanks in advance!

I don’t have the videos myself, but you can PM qnetjoe …he’s CSM Robotics Club President and the one who pulled all this video stuff together by getting the CSM Robotics Club to sit and record the video while a mentor on 1583 webcasted it.

My aplogies everyone, the upload script quit in the middle of match 61 I am uploading 61, 62, 63, Saturday Awards and Saturday Open Ceremonies right now, Sorry about that.

Also here is the finals match # mapping:

Quarters 1 Match 1 - Match 1
Quarters 2 Match 1 - Match 2
Quarters 3 Match 1 - Match 3
Quarters 4 Match 1 - Match 4
Quarters 1 Match 2 - Match 5
Quarters 2 Match 2 - Match 6
Quarters 3 Match 2 - Match 7
Quarters 4 Match 2 - Match 8
Quarters 1 Match 3 - Match 9 - Not Needed
Quarters 2 Match 3 - Match 10 - Not Needed
Quarters 3 Match 3 - Match 11 - Not Needed
Quarters 4 Match 3 - Match 12 - Not Needed

Semis 1 Match 1 - Match 13
Semis 2 Match 1 - Match 14
Semis 1 Match 2 - Match 15
Semis 2 Match 2 - Match 16
Semis 1 Match 3 - Match 17 - Not Needed
Semis 2 Match 3 - Match 18 - Not Needed

Finals Match 1 - Match 19
Finals Match 2 - Match 20
Finals Match 3 - Match 21 - Not Needed

Cool, thank you soo much for all of this, I’ll download that when I get home. Thanks again!