Colorado Robotics Invitational Thread

This coming fall, the Colorado Energy Alliance is excited to bring you the first annual Colorado Robotics Invitational. As a follow up to last year’s successful “Power Up the Rockies” event, CRI is working toward becoming a premier off-season competition and festival for the robotics programs of the Rocky Mountain West.

Many details will be posted here in the coming weeks and months, but here are some bullet points to whet your appetite.

WHERE: East High School, home of Team 1339, Denver

WHEN: September 27-29 (Friday through Sunday)

WHAT: a two day-long competition, held inside the schools Panek and Calloway gyms, played on a full official Destination Deep Space field. Also other events as part of the annual Colorado Energy Day, including outdoor exhibition matches, conferences and workshops, a team picnic in City Park, chances to interact with energy industry companies, and the opportunity to share your passion for robotics with a predicted 20,000 visitors on Saturday.

WHO: hopefully your team. We would particularly love to have all the teams of the Colorado Front Range participate, and our friends and neighbors across the state and within a day’s drive (Wyoming, Utah, Kansas, Idaho). Of course, anyone is welcome to come from anywhere that FIRST has a presence. If your team has multiple robots and drive teams, we welcome you to bring them and enter them into the competition as well (we plan to have two there ourselves). Only one entry fee will be charged per team.

PRIZES: blue banners and trophies, plus a $750 cash prize to be shared by the winning alliance. Other judged awards TBD.

ENTRY FEE: only $100 per team.

OTHER REQUIREMENTS: participants will be asked to share their robots with the community as part of the Energy Day festival on Saturday, including helping to run a public booth outside, and using their robots in the outdoor exhibition (weather permitting, of course). We will also be asking for volunteers in key positions in the coming months, such as set-up/tear-down, MC, announcers, A/V, referees, etc. Check here for more details as plans become more firm.

OTHER DETAILS: space for a full pit area (with power) will be adjacent to the main competition arena. 1339’s shop (inside the school, just down the hall) will be open for most machining tasks. Food trucks will be on site Saturday, and there are plenty of good places to eat within an easy walk. Pit setup and some practice rounds will take place Friday evening.

There are a lot of other details to cover, and I’m sure y’all will have plenty of questions. We really do hope to make this a great event that continues annually. Thanks particularly to teams 2996 and 1619 for your past participation in the 2017 and 2018 events that got this party started; we hope you will want to join us again this year too, and help to make the event great.

I’ll be making myself available after Houston Champs to answer questions and concerns, or to work with anyone who wants to join forces with us to help make this happen. Thanks, I’ll keep y’all updated.



Count The Highlanders in! Thanks for all you and your team do to spread the work of STEM and robotics. We had a great time last year and it sounds like twice the fun this year!


Can’t wait to be there To help out!


I can’t wait!


Looking forward to it!

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Thank you for all of your work Mr. Noble, this is huge for Colorado!


It’s going to be a great event! I can’t wait to compete with everyone again. Thank you for setting this up for Colorado.


RC Dawson is super excited to attend!

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Ridgebotics looking forward to it! Thank you 1339!


Thanks for organizing, supporting and growing this event! Team 4068 is planning to be there.
Two questions:

  • Will there be tech and skill development sessions to grow the performance and competitive capabilities of Colorado teams? Am willing to suggest topics and develop some topics to support this.
  • We plan to get very serious with our own skill development activities over the summer break, potentially building a 2nd robot for the 2019 game using totally different strategies. If we can get it complete, functional and rules-compliant, might it be possible for us to bring it in addition to our actual 2019 competition robot to your event?

Thanks again,

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Hi Mike,

Really good to hear that y’all are planning on coming! To answer your questions, first YES! We will be having multiple learning sessions, likely including the expertise of teams 1619 and 4944, among others. We’d love suggested topics. Second, we are absolutely encouraging teams to enter their second robots. We will be entering team 1339 and team LEET (1337), either as our competition robot plus our practice bot, or as comp plus off-season build.


Thanks for organizing this!
I was wondering if there are any rules regarding how competitive a second bot has to be? Also will secondary bots not be allowed to compete in eliminations to maintain fairness (so that top teams so not have two robots competing) and so that more teams can compete?
4293 is looking forward to this event.

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This would be awesome, 4593 is definitely interested! Do you have a deadline for registration?

Teams will be allowed to bring up to two robots with separate driveteams. These robots will be allowed to play with and against each other in quals. However, the two robots may not pick one another during alliance selections.

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However, the two robots may not pick one another during alliance selections.

Do you have a specific reason for this?

I believe the main reasoning is so that way a team with two really great robots can’t come in, seed first, pick their other bot (which is perhaps identical), and win easily.

Another benefit is that it’ll promote more individual teams to get picked as well as encouraging teams to work with other teams.


We need our plans firmed up by July. Thanks to those who have already registered!


With the permission of the Castillo family and Team 4418, the Colorado Robotics Invitational is changing its name. It will now be the Kendrick Castillo Robotics Invitational. I will start a new thread soon to announce updates.


Volunteer form link here:
Registration form here:

It’s definitely not too late to register and participate. Looks like we are expecting about 30 teams this year. We are very excited to have all of you come to our school. See you soon!

Making sure that everyone knows, the updated thread on this event is the Kendrick Castillo Memorial thread. Some folks have been confused by this one, especially that we were initially planning for a two day event. The competition will only be on saturday. Thanks!