Colorado Teams: Types of Robots

Hello Colorado FRC Teams! FRC 4418 Team Impulse here! Would any teams be willing to share mainly what type of robot you are looking to build for competition? I’ll start :slight_smile:.

We are building a robot whose primary focus is to get on and off HAB Level 2, score ALL lower hatch panels, and pick up fallen hatch panels from the floor. We are based out of Highlands Ranch, CO, and if you want to connect about anything, feel free to email our team at!

Thank you all so much, and I look forward to an amazing competition with you all!


We are building a first level hatch bot with an extendable ramp to boost people to 3rd level HAB


We’re not a Colorado team, but are signed up for the Denver regional. We kind of decided to redesign our robot last weekend, and are now feverishly building the new concept. hopefully will do low and mid level hatch panels and cargo, but only load game pieces from the loading station, no floor pickup. And HAB3 at the end.

Wish us luck :slight_smile: