ColorImage java method results in 'not an image' exception

Hi all -

Using Java (wpilibj), we have successfully instantiated an Axis Camera, get an image from it, and doing a thresholdHSV on the ColorImage object doesn’t crash the roborio… but the moment we query the BinaryImage object, an NIVisionException ‘not an image’ is thrown. Code below:

… within our TargetFinder object…

private AxisCamera camera;
private String address;
private boolean hasTarget;

public void initCamera(String address) {
	camera = new AxisCamera(address); // get an instance of the camera

public void findTarget() {
	try {
		if (camera.isFreshImage()) {
			System.out.println("Got image");

                            // these calls are okay.  image returns height and width okay
			ColorImage image = camera.getImage();
			System.out.println("Color image data = " + image.getHeight() + "," + image.getWidth());
                            // this call is okay
			BinaryImage thresholdImage = image.thresholdHSV(H_LOW, H_HIGH, S_LOW, S_HIGH, V_LOW, V_HIGH);
                            // this call throws the 'not an image' exception on the call to getHeight()
                            System.out.println("Binary image data = " + thresholdImage.getHeight() + "," + thresholdImage.getWidth());;;

	} catch (NIVisionException ex) {