Colson Performa Safety

Have any teams that use Colson Performas on their shooter mechanism experienced any issues with delamination or other high-speed failures? Our team is considering using the 4x2 hex bore wheels on our shooter at nearly 10,000rpm and are worried about safety issues.

My team used 4x2 Colson Performas and we had no crazy issues with delamination. The only thing i noticed was some wear from repeated ball shooting, but nothing catastrophic. Then again, we were driving them straight off of Mini Cims, so I can only attest to their performance at no more than 6200 rpm. Are you using a geared down 775pro?

We’ve been spinning ours at about 15,000 rpm and they’ve held up very well through three events.

We used the 2.5" Colsons at 12,000ish RPM for awhile and had no problems. They’re among the least unsafe choices at this speed, I think.

A pair of RS-775s (due to supply issues) through a VP dual input and slight chain reduction.

I’d be worried more about the chain than the wheels


Colson’s are the strongest wheels in the FRC game aside from aluminum performance wheels.

But, #25 chain at that speed may have some issues. Personally I would use belts.

I really like Colson wheels. How do you think 6 or 8 inch Colsons would hold up in Stronghold? I really wanted them early season, in the design period. Unfortunately VEX only sells up to 4 inchers which are good, but for obvious reasons aren’t for this game. I wanted to get these ones or these but it ended up being easier to get traction wheels.

I think they would hold up great. Team 271 is using 44 of them :wink:

Colson’s are meant for some very hardcore industrial applications. For instance I actually spotted them in the wild a few weeks ago while using a equipment mover at my gym.
2 of them are built to support close to 1,000 pounds.

If that says anything about how tough they are.

Oh yes, how could I forget about this great application. Their design removes the issue a robot with a 6, 8, or even 10 four inch wheels in a “normal” WCD style would have in this game. I love it. It’s really an awesome piece of engineering.

I figure I would clarify I’m not on 271.

We are running two 3.5" Colsons (VexPro 217-4048) geared down 40:18 from 775 Pro speed as shown here, except that we added a second motor to avoid overheating. No issues with the wheels so far.

Oh ha, sorry. I should have looked :stuck_out_tongue:

Lots of speed #'s, but what are the boulder compressions people are running? The friction forces would cause the delamination, if anything.

2x775 PRO -> CIM-ile -> Chain -> 4" Colson with hex bore @ 7" spacing for a side shooter (2.5" compression). Max shot range is 24 feet, but we will never try quite that far on the field. We didn’t do belt because the compression distance actually wasn’t set in stone until after our first event, so we didn’t want to have to re-CNC the wheel plates on the shooter.

I’m really surprised the CIM-ile isn’t mentioned more when talking about shooter motors. It’s such an efficient gearbox and is very lightweight.

2 775 pro wth ~1.5: 1 reduction on a 6 in colson no issues.

Do not take these speeds lightly, we are running some drive rollers from McMaster at about 5000 rpm on our robot. We had some issues with the rubber delaminating on part of the hub and allowing it to expand one part of the wheel too much. This caused the wheel to unbalance to far and rub against things tearing parts of the wheel off slowly. We fixed this problem by banding the middles with safety wire and burying the twisted end into the rubber of the wheel.

The following video is an attempted destruction test of said banding method, the wheel in the video plateaus at 7,750 rpm and the surface of the wheel is seeing nearly 3,000 G’s of outward force.

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We are using two Colson Performa 4x2 wheels with press fit hex hubs on our shooter. They are driven by mini-cims and Versa Pro pulleys/belts and mounted with thunderhex bearings and 1/2in hex shaft. Max speed is 6,000 RPM and we haven’t had any issues whatsoever.

6" Colsons work great this year. 228 is running a 10WD on all Colsons with no problems. Colsons are particularly good when driving over a variety of surfaces, as they have good general traction on most any surface. That makes them a great fit for this game, really.

The only thing is you need to press fit hubs into them - Vex sells live and dead axle hubs (though check the OD on them before you press them in, they’re sometimes too small / big). It’s also not hard to make your own aluminum or delrin hubs if you have a lathe.

Pfft only 12 000? We have a PG71 running 1:1 via vex sprockets. 70rpm baby!!! Had to remove since safety was worried the wheels would fly apart pulling the maximum fasts/hour

Dual everything - 775pro --> 4:1 VersaPlanetary --> 1:1 VEX PRO gears transfer --> VEX PRO hex shaft --> 5"x2" Colson wheel/VEX PRO live hub --> 2.5" compression.

NOT a single problem.

But, I probably just jinxed us…

–Michael Blake