Colson Wheel

Hey all-
I’m doing a CAD for a battlebot project (it’ll fight in combots, vertical blade spinner), and am going to use Colson wheels for it.

Does anyone happen to have either Inventor or Solidworks Models of them?

What size colson you need?

I know we have the 6’x2’ NPC colsons at school saved in inventor 11 format.


I was hoping for the 3 or 4 inch ones…

(I’m not even sure they make a 3 inch, but that’d be the one I want)

sweet your doing combots. i am aw well not sure what i am going to build this year. try rfl there should be links on there.

I know it is nice to have exact cad models of the wheels but for all intensive purposes you can just grab dimensions from

and draw cylinders which fit the model you are looking at.

That’s what I did for the 1.625, 3 and 4 inch ones seen on banebots/robotmarketplace. I can appreciate thoroughness in CAD, but really all that matters is the OD and the width in terms of the design. An exact model isn’t going to really help at all. Now, to completely contradict myself… I did do some work on the models to make them match the shape (slight taper on the tread, groove between hub and outer surface, etc…) pretty close for cosmetic reasons.

But, c’mon. You’re Craig Hickman… You’ll end up with a perfect model one way or another.

I’ve got models for 2x7/8, 3x7/8 and 3x1.5. I’ve also got a rough drawing of a 3x7/8" colson with a cncbotparts hub in it that I’d made before finding the others. If you want any of them, let me know.

I actually finished my own model about 12 minutes after I started. And like Adamheard said, it’s perfect (to my standards anyway)

After all, it is mostly aesthetic.

Really only matters when you plan to FEM, not sure if you have to do that or not but it could be important. I’ve not really worked too much with FEM in Inventor, but of course the shape matters then for stress concentrations and what not. Otherwise like you said cylinders could work out just fine.