Colson Wheels

Where do people buy Colson Wheels? I am specifically looking for the performa conductive wheels. I have found this

but it doesn’t appear to have the conductive version. Any help on this would be great!

any reason you want conductive wheels?

I just wanted to try them out but couldn’t find a source for buying them.

Try this place:

If they don’t have it online, try giving them a call. Having a part number from the Colson catalog will help.

Is you interest in conductive wheels because your robot turns into a Van Degraf generator in the winter. Ours did that at our old build space.

Yea that was a big thing. We have seen issues with static buildup relative to the floor and we wanted to make sure the robot had the same overall electrical potential as the field to prevent ESD events.

If, as I suspect, conductive wheels cost a small fortune, a simple solution could be to use a short length of ground strap braid. Let it dangle from the center point of your robot and drag along the floor.