COLTS Rule!!!

Colts Win!!!

N.E. Pats didn’t :smiley:

Bring the A game every week because it’s getting tough from here on out with Cincy next week. Pittsburgh, Jacksonville and San Deigo on the horizon. New England was a good ghost to execise but in their curent condition they were really nothing but vapor. The tougher teams lie ahead.

:ahh: :eek: :yikes:


:smiley: :smiley:

There is only one word I can use to describe the Indianapolis Colts:

Peyton=My Hero. I loved that win especially since I am a Patriot hater. Ever since Tony Dungy moved from Tampa to Indiana, I have been a fan. But I must say, just wait for the Super bowl. Atlanta vs. Indiana. Atlanta Is gonna kill the Colts.

Well I HATE to repeat myself … :rolleyes: … but


Congratulations. Perhaps the Colts will win 3 Superbowls in 4 Years someday too. :rolleyes:

I too can think of one word


Who have the colts played? Of the 8 games they have won, only 1 team (including New England) has a record over .500, and Its Jacksonville! (New England and St.Louis are at .500) the 5 other games they have played against Tennessee, San Francisco, Baltimore, Cleveland, and Houston have a combined record of…10-31 0.322

New England is 4-4, Indy isn’t the first team to beat them this year.

High Powered Offence? Despite having one of the easiest if not thee easiest schedule so far, they aren’t leading any of the major categories, however they are well rounded. They are averaging about 12.3 ppg on defence, thats something to be proud of.

Sorry your not all that special, though undefeated at this point still is good, but I’m sure if I were a coach I’d love to play the same teams too.

^that was harsh. I do agree with having an easy schedule, but I believe that even with this relatively easy schedule, it is a great feat to be undefeated. The rest of the season isn’t as easy though. The question now is, will they go undefeated? And if not, what week will they lose?

Go to one of the football boards and watch those posters tear Indy apart (of course they’re biased for their own team). Indy did thier job. They beat who was placed in front of them and that’s all you can ask of a team. Their job is not to go undefeated but to get hime field advantage, go to the Superbowl and win it. Thus I suspect they won’t go indefeated because Dungey will sit his important players to avoid injury once Indy clinches home field.
As for New England they’ll get to the playoffs because the rest of their division is so terrible (The Jets are ruined by injury, Buffalo has no heart and Miami is still trying to learn how to win all over again).

Cincy has zero wins against teams over .500. They lead the AFC North

The Pats lead the AFC East at .500, having beaten only two teams with winning records.

Denver leads the AFC west with 5 wins over opponents over .500, with another win over your beloved patriots, and a close loss to the 1st place NFC East Giants. If quality of wins has anything to do with how good a team is, you can just give the SB title to the Broncos right now.

The NFC East leading Giants have only two wins against opponents over .500

NFC North leading Bears have zero wins against opponents over .500. Matter of fact, the entire division probably doesn’t have a win against an opponent over .500.

Atlanta leads the NFC south and has a grand total of one win over .500+ opponents. Carolina has two.

Seattle leads the NFC west and has only two wins against opponents above .500

Everyone I named is likely to win their respective divisions, minus the NFC East and South. So following the above logic, all division winners are bad except Denver, because they’re the only ones to win half their games against above .500 opposition.

P.S. When your defense is the second best in the game (only reason they aren’t first is because Chicago has their stats boosted by playing horrible NFC North opponents) you don’t need to put up 35 points per game like they did last year. I’m sure they’re pretty darn happy they aren’t leading the league in offense right now, because if they were it would mean they can’t stop anyone and have to get into shootouts every week.

Worst case they go 13-3, with losses to Cincy, Pitt, and Jax.

I’d put my money on 15-1 or 16-0

That sounds about right.
The only thing standing between the Colts and the Super Bowl is Pittsburgh (the Bengals aren’t ready yet bu they will be killer in a year or two). No way I trust Denver with the Snake at QB.

IDK. The Broncos are looking pretty nice this year. Plummer seems to be on top of his game. For some reason, I have little confidence in Pittsburgh during the playoffs.

I think that it will be the Colts and the G-Men in the super bowl. That will be the best super bowl in i dont know how long. The colts are just like USC. They are number one because they win. It doesnt matter who they beat, as long as they win. If i had my way, The U or Pen State would be number one. I love Texas but who have they played? Penn State is in one of the hardest confrences there but they are not number one with one loss. So what makes you think that USC is beter then Penn State? Because of their record. So get over the fact that thay have played only like what…3 teams over .500. They will go 15-1 this year losing to my bengals.


Denver is toast if they don’t get homefield, they’ve proven nothing other than having the innate ability to get repeatedly blown out in Indy.

If this turns out to be the matchup, it will be neat to see. Payton Manning vs. Eli Manning… the media will have a hayday with it.

Go Colts!

Andy B.

I would love to see that - best birthday present ever!!

But I’m taking it one week at a time. Houston shouldn’t prove to be any more of a challenge than they were three weeks ago, but nothing’s for sure until the box score shows up. Either way, the next 8 weeks are going to be very exciting for us Colts fans =)


they aren’t leading any of the major categories, however they are well rounded.

Is 8-0 a major category?

This is how the colts would have been for a few years if they would have worried about getting a good defense while getting a good offense. The Colts are doing much better now with Tony Dungy then they did with Jim Mora. I don’t think the colts win just because of Peyton Manning, as they mentioned on Monday Night Football, I believe, they gave credit to the duo of Peyton Manning and Tom Moore I believe that’s his name, proves the point he doesn’t get enough recognition if it wasn’t for their play calling the Colts would most likely be the way they were a few years ago. Hopefully, the Colts stay undefeated, I believe the Colts could beat any team in the NFL, because they have the attitude that every game is a must win, they don’t count any game a “given win” and that’s why I think they will go undefeated.

Honestly the play calling from the coaches doesnt matter, payton will just audible it out. i love him to death but the play calling from the coaches dont matter haha.

Go Lions!!!