COM Port not found updating Jaguar CAN Firmware

This year, our team is wanting to switch from using PWM to using CAN. What we realized is that we need to update the jags’ firmware and set device numbers. To do this, we need a CAN to serial to USB cable. So I obtained the materials, which are a CAN to Serial converter, which takes the Cat5 pins and connects them to an RS232. Then I bought a Kvaser Leaf Light (Datasheet: This is the serial to USB adapter.

Our problem is whenever I try to open the BDC-COMM software, it says “No COMM ports detected.” The CAN light also is not on. This occurs whether the jag is on or not. I installed the drivers on the Kvaser website, but I was told I might need a driver that makes the USB ports act like COMM ports, but I could not find any. I had the Cat4 cable hooked up correctly to the Jag, with a terminating resistor, and the wires are correct (pretty sure) to the adapter. Any tips on how to get the BDC-COMM to detect a COMM port?

The Serial to CAN conversion is done inside the CAN Jaguar. BDC-Comm is designed to work with a USB to Serial converter, not a USB to CAN converter like you purchased. I can’t find anything that indicates the Kvaser can act as a USB to serial adapter.