Combined Code Error

Well I have been trying to combine the camera code, the encoder code, and our driving code into one. I got the driving code into the camera code without any pain, but when I tried to put the encoder code in there as well, one error came up that I couldn’t figure out. The below line came up when I copied the code from the user routines fast from the encoder code over to the combined code. It was in the encoder readme saying that I needed the interrupt handlers. I did that and included the encoder.h in every file that needed it, but this error kept coming up. Any help with this will be much apprieciated.

NOTE: The Error that was on this line is no longer occurring.

EDIT: Today I tried compiling it again, I didn’t change anything, but now I get the following errors.

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Combo Code\encoder.c:130:Error [1205] unknown member ‘INT3IP’ in ‘__tag_223’
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Combo Code\encoder.c:130:Error [1131] type mismatch in assignment

EDIT2: I found out that for some reason the enable encoders was not commented out. I did that then it built, but if I take it out I still get the above errors. So in otherwords, until I can fix those I can’t use encoders. Once again all help will be apprieciated.

Hm. Might I ask where exactly you’re getting this error? The only place I can think of that you would get it would be in Initialize_Encoders(), since I don’t think you would be messing with the interrupt priority elsewhere in your code. If you tell us where you’re encountering this error in your code, we can help you more.

It explains how to solve this problem in the encoder readme in the code from kevin’s site.:

I don’t quite remeber how to solve the other one, unless this does that too