Combined PDF Files

I have taken all of the PDF’s from the FIRST Documents site and combined them into a master PDF. They are in the exact order as seen on the FIRST site. This should make it easier for teams to print out binders.
This is a 40.5 MB zip so it might take some time to download.

Edit: Some people are having speeds of around 220 KB/s while others are having around 50 KB/s. I have around 8 users downloading at the same time. Sorry if your experiencing slow download speeds!
Just had 24 downloads in 30 minutes. If it was too slow for you try now.

Thanks, saved us the trouble!

Here’s one that’s about 1.6MB… should go faster.

2006 FIRST Competition (1.63 MB)

2006 FIRST Competition (1.63 MB)

What’s missing from your file? Mine is 232 pages (All of the US First pdf’s) and your’s is only 140 pages.

Ah, I see… I included Sections 0-10, but not the drawings, or other supplementary material (especially not the photo album).

Ok, that would be the reason, the 35 meg photo album isn’t exactly slimming down the size.

Thanks a lot, both of you. This makes it extremely easy to distribute the PDF to all members of the team now over our website. I was afraid I was going to have to post a separate links page just for the manual because it had so many different parts.