Combining multiple objects in different files into the same scene and file?

I built a field and a robot in two seperate files in 3DS, and now I can’t figure out how to combine them. I assume it must be possible. Does anyone have ideas? The only way I can think of is to export one model as a mesh, and then import it again and that’s far from optimal.

Any more experienced users have some advice? Thanks!

I am using your situation on purpose. I like to model each different (major) object separately, then combine it in a scene when I’m ready to do the animation. Heres how I do it: In File, there should be an option to Xref. From that dialog, select the file you want to Xref, and then the objects. They should appear in the middle of your scene. (You’ll have to keep the original file, but you can make minor changes in the original an then update them in the whole). Another way would to import a .max file into the scene (I haven’t tried, so i don’t know if it works, but it should keep the exact work you had if u do it that way as well). Hope that helps.


I tried using Merge, but they didn’t appear in my scene. Xref sounds like a very cool idea. I’ll give that a try. Thanks!

My model is divided into a bunch of groups, and I’m gonna give it to my friend to add constraints. When I use Xref Scene to import it, it’s all one solid block, and I can’t move it without binding it to something. Is tehre any way to preserve the groups? That would be really useful.

Merge should work. It gives you a list of objects in the scene you’re trying to bring in. Select the ones you want. If you don’t select anything then nothing will merge.

Your merged model is probably too small or too big, hit the H key and see if it exists, if not contact me and i’ll try to help you out.

You should also check to make sure they are using the same units, and as Yov said, you should check to see if it is really big or small.

i have the same problem, and the thing with mine is that i’ve added effects thru video post and once i cross refrence i lose the video post :S can anyone tell me how to do that with the video post editing?