Combining Project Files

Hi all,

We have multiple members of the team designing sub-systems of the robot. Each subsystem has it’s own project. I have been trying to find out how we can merge all of the subsystems into one master 2014 robot project.

During my research I figured out that we probably should be using Vault, but we are not doing that at this time. So is there another option to combine the projects?

Thanks in advance.


Our team uses GitHub to store all of our files. You’d have to ask one of our CAD guys for details, but it’s worked great for us for the past few years. Our programmers keep all their stuff there too. You should look into it.

Thanks, I think that in the future we are going to try Vault.

Also, I solved my own problem. Instead of trying to import the project, I just copied the sub-assembly folders into my main robot project and that took care of it.

Now if I could only figure out how to get my sub-assemblies to move again within the total assembly.

Subassemblies are treated as a single object when placed in an assembly.

You have to make the subassembly flexible in the main assembly.

In the main assembly browser, right-click the subassembly and select Flexible.

Thanks Phil, worked like a charm!