Combining two single stage lifts to make a dual stage

is it possible to combine two 2x1 Single Stage Elevator Bearing and Structure Kit from andymark, to make a dual stage lift, in order to reach the higher levels of the rocket, in destination deep space?

If you are going with the 2x1 Single Stage HD Elevator Bearing and Structure Kit, then this is a part of the description

This is an improvement to the AndyMark 2x1 Elevator System, which is designed to be a robust, simple solution for building reliable linear motion systems. This new version has thicker and stronger plates to prevent bearing tearout, but also includes new hardware that allows for easy-to-build multi stage elevator structures.

However, there is also this:

This item is currently out of stock

studica is saying its still in stock, so here’s hoping, also how would one do that?

If nothing else, you could just build the two, and mount one on the other (this would mean two separate motors, of course). To combine them off one motor is certainly possible, but you would likely need to add some pulleys or sprockets. There are two styles of multi-stage lifts which have been used successfully and often by teams - search “cascade” or “continuous” along with lift or elevator.

thank you