Come be a host on FUN! Applications open.

Hello everyone!

FUN is getting ready for another season and as we look to expand content we are looking for new hosts to help with our Region Recap shows.

Almost all of our prior year hosts are returning but some have moved and we are expanding and need your help to make it happen!

Our Region Recap shows premiered last year and focus on providing event recap to competitions that took place and their designated geographical regions.

We’ve received great feedback on improving these shows and can’t wait to help share the new format with the FRC community. We are also splitting our Southeast region into two to provide more granular coverage. You can see the coverage map based on Week 1-7 competitions here

Here’s some information on the type of person we are looking for:

Enthusiastic personality and a drive to get the job done no matter what.
Confidence in front of a camera with a strong vocal presence.
Relatable to the audience and willing to interact with members of the FUN chat room (both friends and trolls alike).
Knowledge of the FRC game and knowledge of teams and events in their region (most likely neighboring states).
Ability to work with others including other hosts, guests, and a producer.
Puts the show first above other commitments.
Ability to broadcast out of a quiet space without being disturbed, have a webcam (other than a laptop webcam), microphone (other than a laptop microphone), headphones, and a wired internet connection with at least 3mbps upload.
18+ years of age.
Not currently in high school.

Time commitment for this host position will require a weekly show during the competition season and time spent ahead of time (usually in a tight time window) for research/preparation. Most hosts spend about 1-4 hours a week preparing for the show plus the 25 minutes of on air time.

Doing what we do is a ton of fun and the benefits of being recognized by and appreciated by the FRC community is incredible. With that comes a lot of hard work and willingness to go the distance no matter what. We rely on everyone to follow through and hold those accountable when they do not.

If you are interested please fill out the following form by Tuesday November 6th 11:59pm Eastern(updated). We will follow up with you after this date.

FUN will provide an apparel piece in recognition and as a small token of appreciation. First year hosts will most likely receive a polo with other options available with multiple years of service.

Based on the map link above here are our needs for the 2019 season. While I will list preferences this does not mean that we are not open to anyone who would be a great fit. Also each area we may take 1-2 alternates.

US Northeast (pink): Need 1 host. Preference to New England District
FIRST in Michigan (brown): Full, might consider 1 alternate.
US Southeast (red): Need 2 hosts due to region split. Preference to the CHS and NC areas.
US South (yellow): Need 3 hosts due to region split.
US North, Ontario, Quebec (blue): Full, might consider 1 alternate.
US West, Alberta, British Columbia (purple): Need 1 host. Preference to PNW district.
Mexico: Full. Might consider 1 alternate.
Australia/International: Looking for host to help with international events not covered by other regions.
Israel: Gauging interest for FIRST Israel show. Would like 4 hosts.

We are also looking for contributors that would be willing to donate their time to help out with either short form content (interviews and footage at events) or just simply providing insight to their regions so we have provide better content. We will proudly show your name on work and it can be a great portfolio piece to use in the future. Please contact me personally if you would have interest contributing media this upcoming season.

If you have questions you can ask them on here publicly or email me at

I nominate Wil Payne and Marshall to cover the Southeast US.

Guess I’m waiting another year :frowning:

I’ve said this before but it really has to do with parents. If you are in high school or still under guardianship what’s to stop them from grounding you 30 minutes before show time or to have them reach out to me when something goes wrong? Unfortunately that’s a risk we can’t take due to the time sensitive nature of our shows.

I think Marshall would be a wonderful addition. He’s been on our shows a few times and has done a great job.

I forgot to put in my submission extra area that I have experience in both the CHS and NC Districts. I saw that you wanted the SE people to focus on those districts after I saw this post.

I’ve always loved watching the FUN recaps for each region to see who was performing, and to become part of the show would be amazing. I am definitely putting in an application for the US West recap!

I know how you feel!!! I’m the exact same way for NE District and NY Region.

Dang I don’t have 45 hour to spare each Monday.

Caleb would be great! He was our driver last year, is super passionate about FRC, and had a great understanding of the game. Caleb also some how seemed to be able to name just about any team in our district if you just mentioned their team number.

Thank you everyone for your interest. We have received 15 applicants so far and are looking forward to getting in touch with you.

While we will still accept applicants for all areas we still would like to see a few more for our new US South region. There’s a great opportunity for you to help build something new and to really help make FRC loud our own way!

Do we have to be from the regions we’re interested in/think we would be a good fit covering?

Not necessarily. I would say it’s prefered but if you believe that you can immerse yourself in that area and provide good coverage that services that area then we would consider an applicant. We plan on talking to all candidates so feel free to apply.

We have received over 25 applications so far and will start contacting people to schedule interviews. If you have not received an email by the end of today please reach out to me and I will be in touch.

I’d love to see Wil on the show. He brings a wealth of knowledge about his area and other areas and definitely has the charisma needed to be on the air.

Honestly, I would too. I know I’ve fairly publicly called Wil an idiot. (And if I haven’t, consider this doing that) but I’d be lying if I didn’t think he cared about the program and the students in it.

With the amount of applications we have received I am going to be closing this early and we will stop accepting applications at 11:59pm US eastern Tuesday 11/6.

Anyone who sent in their application should have received an email from me. If not, please reach out to me.

  • Tyler

I think it would be a lot of fun to be on the show. Let me get a few more years under my belt, and let’s see.

Just finished my interview with Tyler. Huge shout out to all the members at FUN and specifically Tyler. Very well prepared and just a great man to talk with. Well done!