Come be a member of FUN staff. Applications open through 10/13!

FUN is getting ready for another season and as we look to expand content we are looking for new FUN Hosts and Official Contributors to help with our Region Recap shows and other FUN content.

Region Recap has been a big success but we know we can do more and that there are still areas that are underrepresented in our coverage. Our goal is to bring in passionate individuals who want to help their region shine by providing in-depth knowledge on events and teams from their area.

We have two types of FUN Staff positions available: Form is located here

Official Contributor: Official Contributors are vetted individuals who provide information, insight and support to help create FUN content. Official Contributors may also create content but on a less regular basis and/or are not on air on a consistent basis. Official contributors work with their teams lead by a Show Runner through scheduled deadlines and expectations during the competition season.

FUN Host: A FUN Host is someone who is an on-air personality on FUN shows and content. FUN Hosts are both the face of FUN but also work in the background with to create shows through scheduled deadlines and expectations. FUN Hosts work with a team lead by a Show Runner to create great content for the community.

Some attributes that make a good fit to be a member of FUN Staff:

*Enthusiastic personality and a drive to get the job done no matter what.
*Ability to meet deadlines: Our fans and fellow staff rely upon everyone getting their commitments done on time. During the competition season this will in many cases require 24-48 hour turnarounds on content creation.
*Knowledge of the FRC game and knowledge and representative of teams and events in their region and neighboring areas.
*Ability to work with others including other FUN Staff and guests.
*Willing to check Discord on a daily basis during competition season for announcement and communications. Less frequent during off-season.
*Willing to create/assist in the creation of Behind the Bumpers and other short form content videos at competitions

Additional requirements to be an Official Contributor:

*At least 1 complete year of FRC experience
*Official contributors typically will be assigned duties that will require 1-2 hours per week of research and script writing

Additional requirements to be a FUN Host:

*Confidence in front of a camera with a strong vocal presence.
*Relatable to the audience and willing to interact with members of the FUN chat room (both friends and trolls alike).
*Ability to broadcast out of a quiet space without being disturbed, have a webcam (other than a laptop webcam), microphone (other than a laptop microphone), headphones, and a wired internet connection with at least 3mbps upload.
*18+ years of age.
*Not currently in high school.

This host position will be live on camera for a weekly show most likely on Monday’s during the competition season and will need to spend time some time on the days prior doing research, preparation and script writing. Some shows/regions requirements may vary.

Typically our hosts spend 25 minutes on air with 20 minutes of prep time prior and 2-4 hours each week with research and script writing during the competition season.

Additional questions/comments can be submitted here, on our Discord or to

This form will be closing approximately 11:59pm ET on Sunday October 13th. After which we will contact you to perform an interview to make sure you are a great fit for FUN and FUN is a great fit for you.


Re: FUN FRC Staff Applications. We will consider people from any region especially with expanding our Official Contributors, but we do have a specific need in the following areas:

US Northeast: NYC
US Southeast: Florida
FiM: UP/Northern Michigan
US North/Ontario/Quebec: Quebec, WOW
US South: Someone around the AK, LA, MI, AL, TEN areas.
Mexico/LATAM: Looking for additional contributors to film BTB’s
US West/Canada West: BC/AB, Southern California, Non-CA/PNW area (Nevada,Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Arizona)
Israel: Contact for more info
International: Looking for people to help put together weekly <5 min videos of International event recaps.

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We’d love to have some coverage for the UP! We have no problem covering up there, it’s just hard to get info since OG Nick, PJ, Mike, Freddy and I are all in Metro Detroit. Any questions you can @ me here or feel free to PM me on chief for FUN Discord! FUN has provided me with multiple opportunities to meet new teams, and really dig deep to some of the more competitive teams, and make new friends that also are crazy about robots!


Northeast Recap is looking for some cool people (either hosts or contributers) to help us understand what’s going on in NYC. We’re also looking for another host to help out in general, so south NE, FMA, whatever you’ve got, don’t be afraid to throw us an application (as we’ve all heard, apply, apply, apply)
FUN is an awesome group of dedicated people - and this is a great opportunity to get to know and love and talk up teams in your region (and even get to know well some outside of the region) more in depth.
If you’ve got questions, like Nick said, feel free to @ me here or on discord.


10/10 great organization to work for.

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For those who aren’t sure what Region Recap is or if you’ve never seen one, Click on the link I have provided and select the playlist “FRC Recap Playlist”. There, you will find all archived Region Recap shows.

FUN YouTube Channel


I just submitted the form. I’d LOVE to help out with FUN. I’m super comfortable on camera or on mic. I’ve done MC and GA for FIRST events (which is love to do more of too)


What he said :point_up_2:


Nominating @cadandcookies to submit for a US North Official Contributor position… it would great to have some good analysis on the third largest state in the US in terms of FRC teams!

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I’ll add here that I’ve had an awesome time working with @Connor_McBride and @audrey on the Northeast Region Recap. It’s a fun way to get more exposure for your region while providing insight to the FRC community as a whole. I highly recommend trying out for people who want to put themselves out there more in the FRC community.


Thank you to those who have applied. At this time we have 26 applicants and will still keep the form open through Sunday.

We will still accept individuals from all areas. Looking at the responses we would definitely be interested in a couple more for our US South and International areas (Mexico and Israel have some of their own recruiting efforts going outside of this form).



Not planning on applying myself, but you might consider reaching out to Don Hutson. He’s been lead mentor for 1572 since ~2006, and he’s been on TV even longer thanks to his BattleBots career. He could be a great contributor from Southern California.

I’m not familiar with Don but I would be delighted if you reached out to him to see if he has interest.

I feel like the subtext of this is “hey we really don’t need more people from the Bay Area. No really. We’re good.”

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Not sure what you mean.

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Applications are closed with 45 people submitting a form (wow). If you intended to apply and did not please PM me here or on our Discord by end of day. If you submitted, you should have received an email from me stating that we will be in touch sometime this week (most likely later in the week).

Thank you everyone for your interest to bring your knowledge, expertise and passion of your area and FIRST to our fans.

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