Come create content with FUN! Positions Posted

As 2022 is fast approaching we are ramping back up and FUN is looking for additional CREW members to join up! We have 4 roles we are looking at adding. These all pay piece work meaning for each content piece created you will receive a stipend or you can donate to your team if you so wish. Applications are open now and will close after Monday, November 1st. Each position will ask for you to submit an audio or video recording of some sort for reference so please read through everything!

FTC CREW Member: Content creators for FTC content:

FTC Technical Lead: Looking for someone to breakdown rule changes and other technical aspects to help educate and inform the FTC community:

Social Media Specialist: Looking for someone to create TikTok and Instagram stories that are FIRST related:

Game Masters: We are looking to run more frequent video game tournaments and people to run/stream them.

Many have asked to help without any form of compensation. It’s always been my philosophy that as FUN makes money to make sure that we share profits no matter how big or small they are to people who are doing the work (which is why if you prefer to donate we can do that on your behalf).

If you have any questions please make sure you read the form and feel free to send me a DM and I will be happy to answer.

We will have FRC specific positions posted most likely closer to mid/end of November.


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