Come Join the FUN Crew! FRC and FTC Applications Open Through December 6th

We are looking for new members of the FUN Crew as a FTC Content Creator or FRC Correspondent for Region Recap! Applications are due by Tuesday December 6th. Apply:

FTC Content Creator:

We are looking for 2-3 individuals to create on-air content and/or content for YouTube ranging from the FTC Top 25 show to FTC highlight and countdown videos.

Prior content creation experience is preferred but not necessary. Highest priority is given to those who are motivated to create content for the community, work independently and with a team, follow through with their commitment and meet deadlines as assigned. Typical time investment of 4-8 hours per month.

FRC Correspondent:

The FRC Correspondent is part of the FRC Recap show. Correspondents provide recaps of events during the competition season typically in their general region and surrounding areas. FRC Correspondents are both the on-air ‘face’ of FUN but also work in the background to prep for content creation. Typical time commitment for a FRC Correspondent is 1-2 hours a week from Week 0 through Championships.

We welcome any applications but in particular are looking for individuals to cover events based in:
Pacific North-West District
Ontario (and possibly all of Canada)
North Carolina District
Ohio/WoW region

FRC Recap is a hybrid show allowing for either live on-air appearances or you can remotely submit your report as a recording to be shown live on air.

FRC Correspondents are assigned events to cover each week and to create approximately a 2 minute recap of that event detailing anything of note and award winners. Most recaps take about 20-30 minutes of prep work and recording team for each recap and correspondents are typically assigned 2-4 events per week to cover.

FRC Recap has a hard deadline for remote submissions of 2pm eastern each Monday.

Creator Fund:
FUN has established a Creator Fund which is funded by our Twitch and YouTube revenue through subscriptions, bits and other sources. All crew members will have their contributions tracked and be provided a revenue % of the creator fund. You can also choose to have your funds donated to a program of your choosing should you elect.

Some attributes that make a good fit to be part of the FUN crew:

*Enthusiastic personality and a drive to get the job done no matter what.
*Ability to meet deadlines: Our fans and fellow staff rely upon everyone getting their commitments done on time. We trust you to manage your time up to a deadline but will always be available should you need help.
*Knowledge of the FRC/FTC game and representative of teams and events in their region and neighboring areas.
*Ability to work with others including other FUN CREW Members and independently when needed.
*Communication: Be proactive in communicating ideas and issues so we can work together to make it right.
*Active in the community: Help us grow our Discord and social offerings while being involved in the FRC and/or FTC community.
*Confidence in front of a camera with a strong vocal presence.
*Ability to broadcast out of a quiet space without being disturbed, have a webcam (other than a laptop webcam), microphone (other than a laptop microphone), headphones and a stable internet connection with at least 5mbps upload. Wired internet is preferred for all live recordings.

You are welcome to DM me with any questions. Applications will be accepted through Tuesday, December 6th. Qualified candidates will be contacted to setup an interview.


Today is the last day to apply to be a FUN FTC Content Creator or FRC Correspondent.

We have received an overwhelming amount of applications (over 40) which is very humbling and exciting to see. In previous years I typically try to sit down for 10 minutes with each candidate to learn more about them but transparently that is just not going to be viable for me to do in order to narrow down candidates in a timely manner. So I will apologize ahead of time on this if I do not have an opportunity to speak with you and please do not take it personal. I sincerely do appreciate everyone’s interest as we rebuild our FTC team and enhance our FRC offerings.


Hello FUN Applicants!

You should have received an email from me in regards to your application letting you know that I would like to schedule a time to speak with you further or that we have decided to move on with other candidates. If you did not receive an email, feel free to send me a DM.

Thank you to everyone who applied. It’s always tough to have to choose who we move forward with for interviews and if you received an email stating otherwise please don’t let this discourage you from applying in future seasons or if you have content ideas to present them on this discord. Many of our shows and content are spawned by ideas and a will to see them through and this can be a great avenue to help create content on FUN.

Also I am going to close this thread. Future communications, questions and comments can be done on FUN’s Discord.