Come on WPI!

Is there seriously no way for me to access the RGB data for a pixel from the camera. This would be very useful for setting up my RGB threshold values but it doesn’t seem possible, unless I can access the C++ code?

Maybe I should just learn LabView so this stuff doesn’t happen.

If you are trying to get color values for setting up tolerances I think the NI Vision assistant might help you more.

just get the image as a ColorImage than convert it to BinaryImage through a RGB threshhold

I want to use the rgb values of the pixels to help automatically determine the values for the rgb threshold

If you point your web browser to the camera’s address ( by default), you can access a live feed. You can then right click -> save as and look at the pixels all you like.

Yes but I want the robot to do this at competiton, its ok though. I found an alternate route.

your way overthinking this… but whatever.