Come to the land of inspiration!

Another year, another Koko Ed plugging the FIRST Hall of Fame!
This year the Hall of Fame is bigger and better than ever(Literally with the addition of the H.O.T. to the Hall of Fame family)! And now with the Woodie Flowers award winners on display there has never been such an intense display of pure FIRST inspiration on display in one place! Far too much for one mere team member. BRING THE WHOLE TEAM!
The inspiration is free!
Be there!

I go see it every year. It is good to see all of the Championship Chairman’s displays and now with the WF award winners it will be even better. Someday our team hopes to be on display with the others.


So who visited the Hall of Fame and what did you think of it?

The HoF was alright. It seems like some teams put more thought into it than others, and some did a better job at explaining what they do than others. But the placement was great.

The WFA section needs a complete overhaul before the 2007 Championship. If the engineers are the rock stars of FIRST, it felt like listening to The Beatles through a cheap pair of headphones. I’m going to guess that there was a time crunch this year, but I sincerely hope that there’s improvement for next year. (I’d be game for helping out, if anyone knows who to talk to.)

And while I have no idea whether this is feasible or not, what about a section for the three HoF teams that are inactive? (For those who wonder, the FIRST records say they are 144, Northwest High School (CA 1996, inactive since 2003), the original 7, AT&T Bell Labs & Science High School (CA 1994, inactive since ???), and 23, Boston Edison & Plymouth North High School (CA 1998, inactive since 1999).)

We brought that up. 1038 was going to set up a booth in memory of 144 but were turned down. Oh well their decision.
As for the WFA display I expect a much better desin next year.

I was very impressed with the displays. I was pleasantly surprised (although I shouldn’t have been) to see such a wide variety of approaches to the displays. I hope we can incorporate some of the ideas in our pit and other displays.

I was also pleased (but not surprised) to see such enthusiastic and friendly team members sitting at the displays. This takes an incredible effort to spare these folks during the championship. I encouraged all of my team to go see it, and I think most of the students did.

I agree that something should be put up about the inactive teams, either by FIRST or volunteers from area organizers or teams. There should at least be a list and some record of why they were chosen at the time.