Come up with a theoretical idea for a Triple Level 3 Climb



  1. The other two robots may climb to Level 2, but not Level 3 themselves.
  2. Your robot is able to climb to level 3 itself. Don’t worry about that.
  3. You don’t need to worry about scoring game pieces, only the climb.
  4. It doesn’t have to be viable for the game. Your only goal is a triple climb. You don’t need to do anything else.

Good luck!


When you can’t figure out how to do L3 so you just challenge CD to do it for you


“Doesn’t have to be viable for the game”

I opt to put a rocket on my robot to launch us up and on :laughing:



Thanks. I edited it.


Step 1: Look up the flow rate of the fire suppression system at your venue.
Step 2: Block up all the drains.
Step 3: Add as many pool noodles to your robot as you need to.
Step 4:

Step 5: Wait for the arena to fill with water, and float above the platform
Step 6: Use your prop to “drive” over to the platform, then jettison the extra pool noodles.
Step 7: Win?


I vote put a jetpack on it. Yeet yourself up and then win?


I haven’t done the math on it, but I wonder if it is possible to get up on level 3 and have an elevator platform down on level 1. I’m not sure if you can have enough weight to balance this out or if you need something like suction cups against the top surface of the platform.

The weight balance works out better if you lift to either side of yourself with the partners getting to level 2, but then because of the 30" extension / 120" perimeter / 4’ wide level 3, your robot needs to be like 1’x4’, which is a weird shape. (oh and bumpers are a pain)


Didn’t you notice the fans available in FIRST Choice. They were a clue. Using a wide variety of those turn your robot into a drone and fly up to level 3.