Come use our tools day - Toronto, ON

My team 865 (Western Technical School) is looking to expand our community outreach for next year and try to help out our local teams. As we have considerably more tools than most teams we are thinking of hosting a “Come use our tools day” during build season where any team (especially rookies!) can come and use our shops. As we have to plan in advance to get the permits necessary I thought I would post this here while the forum is active to see what the reception is.

Our equipment

  • Full 480 V 3 Phase metal shop
    -XLO mills
    -A bunch of lathes
    -Lots of other stuff
  • CNC PlasmaCam with Miller cutter
  • Bridgeport CNC mill
  • CNC lathe
  • Denford CNC mill
  • Denford CNC lathe
  • DIY CNC mill
  • CNC wood router
  • Welding shop
  • Wood shop
  • Large sheet metal tools
  • Computers with licensed copies of solidworks 2013 and CAM software
  • 2 Motoman robotic arms that swordfight
  • Lots of helpful team members

We are looking for input on when in build season should we have it on and on what day of the week.

Every Saturday of build season :D.

Great idea!

Sounds fantastic. :wink:

We are actually having issues finding mentors to supervise us during weekends so maybe we could work something out:D

So would your teams be interested? We might have it multiple times during build season depending on the interest.


Our team has a decently stocked workshop, but we work with and mentor several teams in the area that I’m sure would love to make use of your facilities.

At the very least I know I’d really like to visit and see the facility to quickly assess what area teams could use, and match them up accordingly.

I’m pretty confident that if you set up a few days, finding teams to come use your facilities will not be an issue.

My team would be interested in this