Come visit me at the Burndy table!

Hi everyone,

My name is Jen. I’ll be working the Burndy table in the Supplier Showcase Thursday and Friday. I hate to miss all the pin/shirt/etc trading fun so if you have a minute please stop by the table. I’ll have tshirts to trade and if you could leave one of your team’s buttons/trading item that would be really awesome!

Can’t wait to see all of you at the Championships!


Oooh! Maybe Battery lugs to trade?:stuck_out_tongue:

People could always use spare WAGO connectors as well. We only get so much from the KoP a year! Don’t know what it actually cost to buy them.

I think we have some. My coworker packed the boxes so I’m not sure but we usually bring some.

Hi Jen,

I’ll be sure to stop by and drop off a button and say hi.