Comic book nerds, unite! Favorites :)

So, it’s easy. Post your favorite comic book superhero. A few rules:
1- No repeats.
2- No imaginary super heroes.
3- Please, please stick to Marvel, DC, or Dark Horse. Seriously.
4- No bashing other people’s choices.

If you can, add in the original company to produce it, or at least the current one. Justification recommended.

And yes, #2 is a contradiction in terms, but I think you get the point.

The Question, currently DC.
He’s awesome. And faceless. He’s like a crazy, faceless Batman, but cooler. And he verifies conspiracy theories in his spare time. He’s great.

Deadpool he’s not even sure why or if hes a hero though

I guess Archie isn’t a superhero…:mad:

Um, the old man who started it all? Superman? (Am I showing my age? No, I wasn’t around when #1 came out. But I do remember paying only 12 cents for my first comics…)

Wait, do we say our favorite super hero, or do we leave a clue about our favorite super hero?

Also, Green Lantern FTW.

Just say it, and your reasoning for his awesomeness.

And Deadpool is kind of a mix, a violent superhero. What’s cool, though, is that instead of a spider sense, he says , “Wait, my common sense is tingling.” So rare it’s a superpower. Wow.

I love Ironman because he’s a normal guy in an awesome(Theoretically possible) super suit(also involves Robotics. FRC will be the base of the real Ironman suits someday!!!)

Here’s why I said GL:

First off, I like characters who are brash hotshots with a clean moral code. I like that he’s bound to a higher power and isn’t limited to saving only Earth. The omnipotence is pretty sweet, and the power’s main weakness make sense - sometimes you run out of juice. The whole yellow thing lends itself to more interesting challenges than kryptonite, though it is sketchy. He also has the sleekest supersuits.

For Iron Man fans:
Palm Repulser
Super Suit!
Ah, the wonders of military funding…
Also, I do like GL, but the movie wasn’t my thing. I gotta say, Ryan Reynolds was too funny for my conception of GL. At least, Hal Jordan. If he’d been Kyle Rayner, well, that’s different then. Personally, I always liked Guy Gardner the best, just because I think it’s fun to have a superhero who is totally willing to swear at super villains while he trashes them. :slight_smile: