Coming soon to the PNW... Hopper Autos!

The Roboctopi are hard at work chasing the 40 kPa Ranking Point bonus… to do that, we determined that we needed to maximize the potential of the Auto period. So, after implementing our first ever successful vision tracking routine, we set to work on a hopper dump Auto, something we did not have in mind when originally designing our bot.

Coming soon to the PNW Auburn District Event…

Very nice! I’m looking forward to seeing you in action at Auburn.

Great work you guys! It was great working with you at Mt. Vernon, look forward to seeing you guys next weekend!

Looks great! Hopefully I get to see it in person a DCMP. Question though: Why do you hit the hopper twice?

Geometry problem with the bot. We’ve found that if we hit the hopper and stay there, fuel tends to pile up in the gap without actually flowing into the robot fast enough to make it feasable in a 15 second auto. Instead, we let our 775-powered intake snag as many as it can, under the assumption that anything over 10 balls scored is absolutely worth going for.

You guys are awesome!

Can’t wait to play with you guys again next weekend.


Impressive!! See you all at Auburn!

Your hopper auto looks great. Hopefully we’ll see you in Cheney!

Way cool! Your performance at Mount Vernon is ranked 30th in the world for fuel points according to the spreadsheet just posted for per match averages.

I will be checking out the livestream this weekend. Good Luck at Auburn.