coming to a store near you?

As I have said in past posts I work for an abc affiliate in RI and tonight we are doing a story on the Segway. That’s right the Segway has been brought to RI to be tested to see how it works in everyday situations with the post office and local police stations. Well to get to the point at the end of the piece our reporter states that the Segway will be available to the general public early next year for about $3000. That’s a big dip from the 8k Deano said when it first came out.

$3000 is still more then I have spent onmy car.
Buying it, insuring it, gas, registration…
I’ve had my car for a year and I’ve spent about $2,500 so far.


The cost of living in Northern VA sux0rs

Dean had said that the personal models would be available for 3-4 thousand and that the industrial models are 8 thousand. Plus the industrial models are available for purchase now i believe or at least that is what i was told :smiley:

I am wondering what the difference between the $3k version and the $8k version will be.

3k…thats cheap…i want one…ima try to get one if theyre made public…then ill be cool with mah new segway :smiley:

the difference would be that the 3k personal model will only go 10 mph and will have a smaller wheel and will be slightly decreased in width i believe that is what the guy had said.