Command-Based Auto not running

Hello Everyone,

My team is new to Command Based programming this year and currently we are trying to create a basic autonomous command that drives a specific distance using the integrated neo encoder. It uses the relative encoder class, however whenever we run autonomous the motors simply jerk forward and then stop. Here is a link to the src code:

Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you!

Check for unit conversion errors when reading your encoders, and check your command end condition. It sounds like your command is ending immediately.

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Hello, thanks for your response. Right now I have the conditional to end once the encoder distance is greater than or equal to the desired distance. However, I still have the same issue. Teleop works perfectly fine, so I am not sure what the problem is.

Enable your robot.
Write down the current encoder reading.
Drive 3 ft. (Painters tape line with a tape measure.)
Write down the new encoder reading.

That is the number of units to drive 3 ft.

In your command, you need to do the same thing.
Save off the current encoder reading. (Do this in the initialize() )
Drive until that initial value + the number of encoder units is greater than how far you want the robot to drive.

Thank you so much. Just figured out the issue. I just forgot to add the drivetrain as a dependency in the encoder drive subsystem. I will be sure to use this method when fine turning the encoder drive.