Command-line WPILib Project Generator?

I have heard rumors of a way to generate WPILib projects from the command line, but have not been able to find anything via Google. Can anyone point me in the right direction? It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t have the full suite of example programs. Just need a bare-bones project to build my own libraries on, and it must have Linux support.

Yes, I know VS code has Linux support. It’s just that I abhor VS Code and will not use it under any circumstances. Don’t bother trying to change my idiotic viewpoint as I will simply reply with something sarcastic :wink:

There is no way to do this from the command line. There is a standalone Electron utility that you can use to generate projects, including the examples. That is available here.

Thank you! With that and Conductor we won’t have to use any microsoft products in our development :smiley:

Do you use GitHub, or an alternative like Bitbucket or GitLab? Microsoft owns GitHub.


I feel others may know more about this (perhaps @Prateek_M :), but intellij is an option as well, correct?

A non-official IntelliJ plugin exists. My team uses it and it’s nice - it has both project and file templates. The rest of the WPILib VS Code plugin’s functionality is wrappers around Gradle(RIO) tasks that can be invoked from the command line or default IntelliJ.

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As Starlight220 mentioned above, there is an unofficial IntelliJ plugin, but I have not used this before so I can’t say how well it works. I would recommend using VS Code to generate the project, update vendordeps, etc. even if you want to use IntelliJ as your primary development IDE (this is what 5190 does).


Thanks. I tagged you because I thought I remembered you using Intellij in the trajectory tutorial (which we are still using to great effect). So, I hought you may have some insight.

It makes sense to use VS Code to do some of the heavy lifting.

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This very much hurts me to say, but Github is a necessity for us. At least Git is still FLOSS and we might just end up hosting a git repo on our website

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