Command loop overrun - my code does'nt respond to my inputs

sometimes whenever I run our robot code the joysticks are not responding. The RioLog displays the message: “Command Loop Overrun” and tbh we searched all over the internt and found no true explanation on how to fix it/debug it.
It also happens randomly and suddenly - the code just stop recieving inputs and uses the last one he got.
We tested old codes that worked perfectly well and that also happend there, so I also consider the fact it may be an issue with the 2022 kickoff updates.

Did anyone encouter something like that? Or does someone have and idea or explantion?

There is a known issue for the issue with Joystick Inputs.

This is likely another issue altogether, the most common case I’ve seen this cause issues is when the team’s robot code has additional loops in it that run for a long time, during this time no other code will run. The wisdom is to design the code around using only the main code loop for all types of iterative actions except where you can be certain how many times the loop will run (ie. looping over an array of inputs).

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