Command Module Question

My team is in its first year, and we are wondering about the command module, or, if that is not what it is called, the thing that you control your robot from at competitions. I would like to know how to make it, such as what needs to be on it, what cannot be on it, and any other helpful tips. All advice will be helpful. Thanks in advance!

Edit: i think that i worded this completely wrong. See my below post for clarification.

The command module you are referring to is the cRIO, specifically the cRIO-FRC II

I would recommend you read and do everything listed on this URL, get it out of the box working first then you can look at some of the much more sophisticated features:

A lot of people will tell you to read the rules for what you can and cannot do, specifically section 4, “THE ROBOT”

I’m not positive, but I think he’s talking about the Driver Station. All rules are for that are in Section 4.11. You can control from any laptop with the Driver Station program on it, and generally control is done with USB joysticks or game controllers.

Either way, the Getting Started on the Controls System should answer all the questions.

This is what i was talking about! My question is, what goes on here? Do we just hook up the computer & joystick here, and if not, what else is needed? Thanks to you for finding this for me!

The guide that Conor linked will take you through the baby steps. After that, everything is up to you (within the rules).

Thanks! I think that I can take it from here. Good luck on all of your robots!